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Shraddha Pandey

Children Stories Horror

Lord Hanuman's Presence

Lord Hanuman's Presence

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It's a matter of somewhere around 2007. I was studying in the last room of my house. I started at 11 PM and continued it till 2 Am or 3 Am.

After 11:30 other members fell asleep. I was studying with my sister.

I don't understand why do these ghost things or scary things happen after 1AM, this is the fact that I have noticed since childhood times.

So, it was around 2:15, someone put his/her palm on my window like this

I got scared and speechless too as we were too young at that time to handle these things. We were trying to shout “lekin aawaj hi nahin nikal rahi thi" (But, we were not able to utter a single word).

We got scared, we covered ourselves with blanket and started enchanting Lord Hanuman's name. (I didn't know the Chalisa, that time).

Still, there were no changes.

We removed the blanket and when we looked towards window still there were no changes.

We kept chanting Hanuman's name and after sometime nothing was there.

There is one more such incident.

My siblings used to study in other city. My father used to visit their place every week.

What happened was just unbelievable and scary too.

It was around 1. 30am, I was sleeping with my mother and younger sister. Suddenly, someone started calling my sister by her name.

We woke up and started listening that voice.

It was no one's but, my father's voice.

My sister started leaving the bed and she was about to open the door.

(Cherry on the top is that sound was coming from terrace main gate which was locked. )

When my mom got to know that what's the matter and where she is heading. She shouted at her and said- stupid, get back to your place, it's not your dad, it's someone else speaking in his voice to make us a fool.

And she started chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

All of a sudden, everything was fine.

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