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Life Is Struggle - Part 1

Life Is Struggle - Part 1

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THE WATER WAS FRESH AND GLISTENING at the surface like diamonds as the sunlight fell on it. Yes, it’s Yamuna River. The long stretch along the border of Haryana was fabulous to take a look at. People thronged to play in the white yellowish sand in the shore. It was plastic free and you couldn’t see a single stain in the river. It was as pure as ambrosia. You didn’t need any aqua filters to make it clean and free from germs. If you drink the water directly from it, in fact your health will improve certainly. Even the doctors had told in some interviews that it had some healing powers which none can deny. People still have believed that by taking sabbatical bath in this river, you can free from sin. You could understand the invaluable role it is playing to enhance everyone’s life.

“Hey, how do you feel today?” Trout asked the Katla fish.

“What are you talking? I always feel excellent. I think I am the happiest person in the world,” Katla said firmly. Her small mouth was frisked in and out and its tiny eyes throbbed with strong pulses. She was just two years old, but looked beautiful with swaying finest fins, she had solid bones in the centre, and her flesh was soft and aromatic. Her skin was shone like silver and had nice ears (they call it lateral lines) to hear anything happening around the river. Trout fell in love with her from the moment he had seen her in the giant net threw by the fishermen. She was panting to breathe as her small mouth gasped for air while she struck in the net. She was such a kid that time and couldn’t even know how to escape by flapping her fins. Her head felt dizzy and she knew that she wasn’t going to live anymore. Her eyes were closed and the blood weakly had passed through her thin veins.

Oh God, why did you choose me to live such a short life. You would have refused me to take birth in the world instead, she thought at the final seconds of her death trap. She wasn’t anger with God, but she didn’t like to live shortly and die. If humans can live ninety years why not we deserve to live at least five years, she thought and cried. It was just before the mighty fisherman pulled the net into the boat, the Trout jumped like a real hero and caught the mouth of the Katla and drew her inside the river. The frothing bubbles came out of her small mouth as she coughed and shuddered in the water. She didn’t know what was happening around her, it was like the God had heard her thoughts and given her a life back. She tried to open her eyes to look at the fellow who saved her, but she was too weak to even breathe herself. Trout carried her on his back and came to his resting place which was the bottom of the river and it was surrounded with small pebbles and green algae. Trout carefully laid her on the small rock and plucked some herbs to feed her, he thought she didn’t eat anything from the morning. But she refused to eat as shook her head gently, but she thanked immensely for saving her from the calamitous trap. She was all right again and able to dart through the water like a whale with enthusiasm. That’s how they got known each other and fell in love deeply.

“Really? I thought you are yelling at me these days because you are pregnant and I was the reason for it,” the Trout said.

Katla came close to him and bumped at his stomach, Trout almost collapsed, but he knew her weight was increased substantially after she got pregnant. He smiled instead of burping with anger.

“Hey, don’t smile at me. You fool,” she said. Her tiny eyes were moistened. She sulked her face and turned her head at other side.

Trout slowly swam towards her and nudged her stomach with his pouted mouth. She jerked away. He came again close to her, this time he kissed on her cheek and drew away fearing she might beat him with her caudal fin. But she didn’t. She stayed silently there, immovable. For a second Trout frightened what had happened to her. His blood pumped faster as he came close to her again, his heartbeat boomed in the river melodramatically.

“Katla, forgive me if I told something to irritate you. But don’t avoid speaking with me, dear,” Trout said.

She couldn’t resist herself anymore. She guffawed as her fishy eyes turned big. Her face blossomed and turned pinkish. She just wanted to know how much this idiot loved her. After a few long seconds of laughing, her eyes poured happy tears which mingled with water. It was her biggest advantage to stay in the water that her cries wouldn’t be noticed by anyone.

“Youuuuuuuuu…..” Trout said and tried to bump her with his head now. But she escaped from there snaking through the water, her head acted like a sensor to know where he was. When he was closer, she would swim faster to keep distance from himself. Her dorsal fin was swaying like a tree branch would sway to and fro in the storm. She gave forward thrust and invigorating motive force to keep herself away from him, just for the sake of playing with him. She loved such a playful behavior of him.

“You can’t catch me, my husband. You are a fat fellow, turning like a pig nowadays,” she screamed in the water, still laughing. Her stomach ached. But she didn’t mind it. She had even forgotten the fact that she was pregnant in this joyful mood. She had never thought she would be having such a great partner along with her. She wanted to spend her time like this, playing, cuddling, bumping and laughing. But God knows if her wishes would become true or not.

“If you call me a pig again, I will call you a tomky,” he said. In their world tomky was used to address a person who was pregnant by some passing traveller. Though he didn’t like to address her with this harsh word, he didn’t have another idea to stop her from going away from him. He knew this word would provoke her emotions and she would stay still.

On hearing that word, she stopped from laughing because she was angry. Her bones become harder and her eyes were turned hot and burnt the water. She whisked herself far away from him.

“Hey don’t go there, come back,” the Trout screamed at top of his voice. He knew there were giant sharks would often come for preying the big fishes. Last time when a horn shark had come, ate thousands of fishes alive. When the Shark had seen the Trout, it had chased after him fiercely. He couldn’t compete with the big Shark and thought he would be swallowed by it. But eventually, a big boat floated upon the water at that time and honked furiously. On hearing the noise, the Shark had gone back to her shelter without hurting him. Trout still hadn’t forgotten about this incident. He even shared this terrible incident with Katla, who told him not to leave her and go lurking in the dangerous parts of the river. She even warned him that day. But now she was treading through this frightful path, the Trout was helpless and couldn’t put her on hold. She was already crossing the deadly line where the possibility of shark attacks was higher.

There was no response from her. She was heading straight. She didn’t even turn to look at him. But she slowed down eventually, because she couldn’t swim easily with her stout stomach. She felt like she was carrying a heavy weight on her shoulders. But her anger wasn’t a bit reduced on him. She had decided not to talk with him at all. She had never thought he would even think of tomky word to address her. Her blood was frozen like ice cubes when she had heard him tell that. Usually she was a forgiving type, but not in this matter. You could have understood how much she was hurt. It only showed that she loved him a lot, though she was suffering right now. From the moment he had saved her from the fisher’s net trap, she loved him deeply. Not a second, she wanted to leave away from him. She didn’t know why he was behaving insanely today and making her blood boil. Maybe he was bored of me. Maybe he was thinking I became fatter and he didn’t like to hang on with me. Maybe I became ugly with this potty stomach, several thoughts knocked her brain at the moment. She slowly treaded through the water, which wasn’t cold but warm. The sun burnt brightly today and had slid down to west now and within a few minutes its red glow wouldn’t be seen. The sky was plain blue and very few clouds were spread here and there.

Now, Trout had seen her swimming tiredly in the water as if she was going to die now. He had seen something big was coming towards her. He couldn’t say what it was. It was blur and he thought it was some Tuna fish, which wouldn’t harm them. But he had seen a sharp head. His heartbeat skipped twice. He knew it wasn’t Tuna for sure. It was something else. He didn’t want to think a second now, he ran faster and faster. He was screaming after her. But Katla was still not ready to heed his voice. She tried to swim vigorously despite her stomach cramps. Her thin bones were frightening to crack, but she swam briskly. Her head was throbbing with hectic pain, but she discarded it. All she had was a pompous ego that she shouldn’t talk with him for hurting her feelings.

“Katla, please hear me. I am sorry and I don’t hurt you again. But please come back to me, don’t go there. Shark is coming after you,” he communicated in a thick voice. But Katla wasn’t in a position to look ahead to know there was a dangerous animal coming to eat her. Even if she had seen one she was happy to be killed by it. Her dull head and shabby fins had meant it.

The Shark darted in the water skilfully, smoothly and at the same time surreptitiously. It didn’t make any noise. Its large mouth wasn’t opened but its giant jaw was twitching to snap open its mouth and get the meat inside. It was very close now. Katla open your eyes fully to know the Shark was coming ahead.

Katla’s heart trembled when it had seen a big Shark a few meter distances. Her brain faded for a second and knew she was dead now. But she wasn’t worry about dying. It is okay to die than to live with a guy who has started hating me, she thought. The death can only release her from the entanglement of life. She didn’t quiver now. In fact, she was still heading towards the Shark, which was gnawing its densely sharp teeth to swallow her up. It was too big like in the shape of a ship. Katla wasn’t cowering to look at this giant creature now. Not a speck of tension crept in her soul.

“Katla, have you lost your brain or what? Come back, it is going to attack you now,” the Trout shouted.

The Shark heard him. It was speeding its hunting process and about to swallow the Katla now. No, not yet. There was a hesitation shown in its eyes. Maybe he wasn’t interested to attack a fish which was pregnant or someone who were there to take care of her. It was only a fraction of second to make a decision. But it had decided quickly. Katla didn’t move an inch when she had seen the Shark coming for her flesh. She didn’t ruffle a bit. She wasn’t heeding to Trout’s voice either. I don’t have anyone to love me. I was cheated. I couldn’t live this nefarious life anymore, her frantic thoughts were almost suffocating her. She stayed there like she was already a dead fish. The Shark’s thick breath was falling on Katla now, she could feel it, but her eyes were closed. The Shark smelled her, and his mouth was opened but not fully, he was circling her. He knew the Trout wasn’t having strength to beat him, even if he dared the Shark was going to taste his blood for sure. Nothing can trouble the giant creature like me, the Shark thought proudly. He felt Katla was beautiful, in fact he had seen her eyes for a few long seconds, as if he was elevated by her swaying beauty.

“Shark, please you don’t hurt her. She is my wife. She is pregnant now,” Trout said in a beseeching voice.

The Katla opened her eyes as if she suddenly woke up from a nightmare, “No, he is not my husband. If you wanted to eat me, please do it right now. But you don’t take his words,” she said sullenly. A bout of sharp pain came out of his spine, as the Trout heard this. He felt like crying and beating himself. Have I done an unforgivable mistake by calling her tomky? No, Katla. Please don’t take me wrong. Please come back to me. I will fall on Shark’s feet to let you free. I am even ready to die to save you. But don’t hurt my feelings by telling him that I was an alien and you didn’t know who I am. I can’t take this. Oh God, can you make her understand how I am feeling now.

“Trout, I can remember when you had escaped from me last time. But now it is impossible you to do the same thing again. I am gonna eat you alive, if you claim her falsely. Why should she lie with me?” Shark said.

“Because we both were fighting each other. But for God’s sake, believe me I am her husband,” the Trout said, a tear crawled down from his left eye, “I had done a great mistake by calling her idiotically. That’s why she is not happy with me. She came here without knowing where she was travelling to. I think you can understand my pain,” the Trout said. His voice was choking and halting in between.

The Shark groaned. His sharp and burly teeth were waiting to tear their flesh, but somehow it had stopped. The Shark would never think a second time when he had something to prey upon readily in front of him. But now it wasn’t in a hurry.

“Once I decided to assault someone, I had never turned back. I am not interested in your stories. I am not a lover boy to have sympathy and compassion to understand these all things. You know I am the king of fisheries. I can’t step back from here without tasting the flesh of your woman. I mean your wife,” the Shark said. It was a kind of mockery.

“No Shark, please don’t kill her. Take me if you wanted,” the Trout said.

“I don’t want to taste the blood of a man who shed a tear. I know you are a weak soul,” the Shark said and nudged his protruded face on Katla. A pleasant shiver crept down his throat as he looked at her libidinous. His ravenous front teeth scratched the small mouth of Katla, who didn’t move an inch. Her eyes were fully closed and swallowing the drops of river water like she was parched under the scorching sun. Her breath was hard and difficult, and her stout stomach was clenched tighter. She was only worried because her small children in her womb had to die now. She had asked them to forgive her for killing them due to her unwillingness to stay in the world. She was deprived of any feelings now. Not a second she had wanted to look at the Trout, fearing she might embrace him if she had seen him weep for her. No, he can’t stop me from dying. But she wanted to hear that he would tell her finally I love you. Those words were enough for her to rest peacefully. Her ears were waiting to hear such pleasing words. Trout, would you able to grab her feelings?

“Damn it, if you don’t leave from here, I will knock you down with my fists,” the Trout said to Shark.

On hearing his roaring words, the Shark simply twinkled his left eye and kissed the Katla. It had even licked her small pink tongue, “You can’t even shake a tiny muscle in my body,” he said proudly. His enlarged mouth moved up and down as laughed at him.

The Trout jumped and dashed him in between big eyes with his pouted mouth. But the Shark felt like an ant passed over its skin. He wanted to chuckle again. But he didn’t. Instead he clutched the Katla with his front incisors. She could feel the sharp incisors were pressing down on her and her fragile bones were almost crushing as he exerted more pressure.

“Nooooooo…….no………please don’t kill her. I won’t beat you. Please leave her alive,” Trout said. He was moving left and right with gnawing emotions. He was restless and enervated of energy, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t going to fight with him to release her.

“She is yummy. I can’t leave her just like that. I haven’t had good food for past two days. I am feeling hungry now. I am sorry dude,” the Shark said. The giant teeth further pressing down, tearing slightly the stomach of the Katla, who knew her children were frenzied and crying inside her womb. There were five little fishes, and she knew each and every movement of them distinctly. But she couldn’t sense the movement of the third little fish, which would always juggle between others. She was frightened if that little fish was already dead. Her heart grew with agonising pain as she thought about it.

“You devil. Hell of a bastard, let free her. She is my love and my life. You can’t just tear her like that. I know I didn’t have the strength to beat a heavy person like you. But please understand my feelings. She is my wife and she is carrying children,” the Trout said. His voice quivering like someone was shaking him.

The Shark shrugged her pectoral fin and took a deep breath, “I didn’t see your wife is worrying a bit about you. I think she loves my big tummy and she is eager to shed her life for my hunger,” he said and averted his big eyes at Katla and continued, “what do you say my dear woman? Do you want to live with this useless fellow or happy to become a toast of mine?”

Katla tried to speak but her voice was muffled like you are talking inside the swimming pool and bubbles frothing up. But her stomach was bulging in and out as she gasped for breath.

“See Trout, this girl doesn’t have any interest to hang on with you. You better get out of here. Otherwise, I will toss you on the shore with a flick of my tail, got it?” the Shark said.

“Katla at least speak now. Tell him that I love you very much. I can’t live without you. Speak….speak….open your mouth,” the Trout said.

Now Katla was trapped under the roof the Shark’s mouth, she felt like she had been smothered inside a dark and deadly cavern. She slicked and slid down on the Shark’s large tongue. She was holding her nerves tightly just not to fall into the big throat which looked like an endless pit. On hearing the magical and energising words of her husband, Katla’s body sizzled as if high electric current passed through her spine.

She was screaming from inside, “Dear, forgive me for letting you suffer. I am a dumb woman and didn’t have a brain for leaving you in the lurch. I don’t know if two of our children already dead inside my womb. I am feeling terrified here. Come and save me and our remaining little fishes.”

“Oh, that’s great to hear back from you,” the Shark said and grinned at the Trout. “Your wife is asking you to save her. Will you?”

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