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Aanchal Bharara



Aanchal Bharara


Letter of a Dead Mother

Letter of a Dead Mother

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“What? She’s​ no more?” Said a son crying, when his wife informed him about his mother’s death.

The son reached back home from office within minutes. His wife gave him a letter left behind by his mother, who committed suicide. But why did she commit suicide?

Tears rolled down the son’s eyes as he started reading the letter –

“You killed me son. Not today but years back. When we wanted you to take our responsibility, you took it, but as a burden. Your father and I died the day we understood this.

We loved you always and did every possible thing to make you a happy and successful person. But what did we get in return? Rudeness and loneliness?

Your father died a year back and today I am leaving you forever. After he left me, I had you but still I was alone. So just writing this letter for you and going.

Was it really difficult to give us back the love that we gave you, every second of our life? We loved you for all your rights and wrongs. We took every step of our life, keeping your happiness and your feelings in mind.

The first thing we taught you in life, was to eat. But when we became old, you – my ‘busy’ son, forgot to ask us, whether we have eaten our meals properly or not.

Then we taught you to walk. But when we wanted to hold your hand in our old age, you got irritated.

Next important thing that we taught you was to speak. But after settling happily in life, you even forgot speaking or talking to us, for days. Sometimes when we tried to talk to you, your rudeness killed us from inside. But still we loved you always.

After eating, walking, speaking, we taught you countless good things in life…. But you gave us only one lesson – Never give much importance to anyone in life, neither your parents nor your son.

All your birthdays were celebrated by us in a grand way every year. But after you became independent, you even forgot to take us along for your birthday, anniversary and special days. It used to hurt us. But we kept quiet because you were happy, even without us.

Your father worked day and night to earn money for your good future. He made sure that you get good food, clothes, education etc. When you grew up, he never took rest till you got your good job. He made your life easy and expected you to do the same in his old age. But to his disappointment, this never happened.

As I started getting older, I started forgetting everything I said. So repeated things. But it irritated you so much, that you started ignoring me. But trust me son, I never got irritated of you, when in your childhood you made me answer your repetitive questions thousand times.

I tried to give you good values, but today I feel, I failed.

Show this letter to your son also. So that he will learn from your mistakes and at least your old age will not be a waste, like ours.

God bless you with the best of everything in life son (specially children). Because only good children make one’s life worth living. Love you my boy.”

The son read the letter, cried and cried with guilt and regret. But he had no chance to correct his mistakes now.

Moral: One should always keep his parents happy. Instead of regretting your bad behaviour with them, love them, respect them and with their blessings lead a happy life.

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