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marai malai k

Children Stories Drama


marai malai k

Children Stories Drama

Kitty The Cat's Journey

Kitty The Cat's Journey

14 mins

In a small town, Donaepur lived a cat named Kitty. It lived with its parents and was very naughty. It never stayed at home was always outside running here and there looking for playmates. One day an elephant passing through the town saw the cat searching for food.

The elephant “hello cat what are you searching? The cat

`I am looking for food.’ Come to my house the elephant said, I will give you all kinds of food you want. Kitty the cat thought for a while and agreed to go with the elephant. It did not inform its parents. Both of them walked to the elephant’s house in the forest. It was evening when they reached.

Kitty the cat felt hungry and asked for milk, but the elephant said it has only fruits and sugarcane. Kitty became angry and shouted ‘you promised to give me food, but now nothing to eat. You cannot be my friend.’ The elephant became sad and did not know what to do.

Meanwhile, the cat saw a rat, jumped, and caught the rat. It ate the rat, lay down to sleep on the floor itself. The elephant came and saw the cat sleeping. Without disturbing it went to sleep.

The next day morning Kitty walked out of the elephant home. It wandered here and there for food, did not find anything. So it drank water from a small stream and walked backed to its home in town.

After walking some distance, it came across two tiger cubs playing with their mother sitting under a tree. It stopped to watch them play. It was lost in thoughts dreaming about its playing with its mother.

A voice called “hello cat do you want to play with them”. The cat turned back and saw a big tiger, but before it could say anything the tiger pushed it towards the cubs playing. Kitty got frightened but started playing with the cubs.

In the afternoon the mother tiger fed her cubs hunted deer meat. It looked at the cat looking at the cubs with hungry eyes, went and brought a fish, gave the cat. Kitty felt very happy to eat the fish.

The next day morning after having breakfast, the cubs while playing asked the cat to stay with them. The father tiger told its kids 'Do not force it to stay with us, let it think.' Kitty and the cubs played till late evening until they became tired. They had their night dinner and went to sleep. The cat was very happy and decided to stay there.

Nextday the cat told the mother tiger that it will stay with them. She felt happy to hear this, thanked God that her kids got a new company to play. Every day kitty and cubs spent time together. Days passed into weeks. The cubs grew up, they became stronger and bigger than the cat but kept playing together.

This troubled the mother tiger. She thought about it and discussed with father tiger about their kids being grown-up and while playing they can harm the cat. The father tiger said let’s wait, we will decide later on what to do.

A month later one cloudy day the elephant saw the cat playing with the tiger cubs. It grabbed the cat and took it to his house. The tiger cubs ran to their mother crying ‘mother the elephant is taking the cat’.

The mother tiger angrily shouted how can the elephant take the cat. The cubs ran towards their father who came into the house. The cubs narrated the incident to him. He got angry and ran towards the elephant house. The cubs followed their father. Seeing this mother tiger followed them.

The cubs' father argued with the elephant and tried to grab the cat. Mother tiger tried to seize the cat, but the elephant did not allow. Cubs started crying and called the cat to come with them. The cat could not come out. The father tiger warned the elephant that it will kill him if he did not give back the cat.

The cat was watching the fight between tigers and the elephant. Suddenly a light from above fell on the cat and lifted it towards the sky. The elephant and the tigers stood shocked to see the cat moving towards the sky. The cat slowly started changing into a rabbit as it neared the sky. A voice from the sky……. "Hello friends the cat is not changing into the rabbit, its only your imagination. Thanks for taking care of the cat.” Kitty called out to the elephant and tiger for help, but the voice and light disappeared. Both the elephant and the tiger walked back to their home sadly. 

Kitty opened its eyes and saw darkness all around, frightened it closed its eyes again. It felt as if falling but it landed on a tree branch and rolled down to the ground. Later when it opened its eyes it saw a beautiful flower garden. Lots of butterflies were flying. It was happy to see the butterflies, lazily stood up shook its whole body jumped up and down. It saw two little butterflies and began following them. It went everywhere they flew, ran up and down the garden behind them watching collect nectar from the flowers. The Sun began to set, slowly it began to grow dark. The little butterflies flew back to their home.

Kitty felt sad there was no one with whom it could stay during the night. It searched for food in the garden, did not find anything. Feeling hungry it saw a big tree at the end of the garden, walked towards it to rest under it for the night. Luckily it saw a rat looking for something jumped on the rat and caught it. It ate and went to sleep. It had a deep sleep.

The next day morning when Sun came up and birds were chirping it was still sleeping soundly. The little butterflies passing near the tree saw the cat sleeping. They flew down one sat on the ear and the other on the cat’s nose. Kitty still in its sleep brushed its nose and ear, did not wake up. So they went their way.

The cat felt the hot Sun rays and woke up, feeling thirsty it went looking for water in the flower garden. The little butterflies saw the cat and called out “hello cat good morning, did you have good sleep?” Kitty greeted them back and told them it was thirsty. Can you tell me where to find water? The little butterflies called out follow us and they flew towards a small water pond. The water pond was on the other end of the garden. The little ones told the cat “hey this is the only water pond for the entire garden and all of us here, do not dirty it.”


Kitty drank water thanked them, told them it was hungry, then went searching for food. The little ones flew to a nearby flower for their food and started flying from one flower to another. Slowly the sun became hotter and hotter, all the butterflies flew back to their homes. It also went back to the tree and rested under a low lying branch with widespread leaves. Sometime later hearing the flapping of the wings sound it came from under the branch. It saw the little ones, called them, they came and all began chatting earnestly. The sun began to set and the moon rose in the sky. They enjoyed and watched the beauty of sun and moon since it was getting late the little butterflies wished the cat goodnight and went home.

The little ones while sleeping told its mother, mama we saw a cat in the garden. What! their mother was shocked to hear this. It told her little ones to be careful the cat is an animal. Birds and animals will eat us for their food. They told mama the cat and we have become friends, we even showed the cat water pond since it was feeling thirsty. Their mother did not answer them, told them to go to sleep as it was already late.

The baby butterflies enjoyed their times with Kitty, playing hide and seek, troubling others in the garden. Their pranks became naughtier and naughtier as days passed. The other butterflies complained to their mother about this. Mother butterfly did not know what to do and was thinking of ways to solve the cat issue. Time flew and days passed.

Kitty began to think of its parents, wanted to go to them, did not know how to go back. Weeks passed, one cloudy evening Kitty told its friends ‘we enjoyed our time, played happily, troubling others, running up and down the garden. You are staying with your mother and father and other family members. I miss my mother and father and I want to go home.’ Can you tell me how to go? Its friends were sad to hear this, they said they do not know. They played for some more time till it was dark and walked back to their homes.

The next morning it rained heavily, no one could come out. Kitty tried to avoid the rain by hiding behind the trunk of the tree but could not do so. It got drenched and began shivering in cold. It climbed the tree and hid under a thick branch. The little butterflies were worried about their friend. Both were whispering, their mama asked them what are they talking about the cat. Nothing mama, we were just talking whether the cat was safe or not. Their mother assured them when the rain stops we can go and check.

It continued raining for the next two days. There was continuous drizzle and cloudy, so all the butterflies did not come out to the garden. The third-day rain stopped and the weather was sunny. The little butterflies flew to the tree to check on their friend. They did not find it there. They became worried and went in search of it. They asked everyone whether the saw the cat, all replied in negative. They did not what to do, so they ran home to their mother. Their mother accompanied them to the tree.

They did know that the cat was up on the branch shivering with fever due to the rain. Their mother searched around the tree and nearby places, could not find the cat. Suddenly it realized that cats can climb trees. It asked her little ones to follow it, they flew to the branch and called out to cat. The cat came out very slowly from under the branch, mother butterfly saw it was sick and feeble. It told the cat to sit, told it little ones take care of the cat, and flew down searching for the medicine grass. It found the medicine grass nearby, flew back to the branch, and told the cat to slowly climb down, pointed the same to the cat. The cat ate the grass, thanked the mother butterfly, and lay down to rest.

The little ones stayed back with Kitty, told their mother that they want to play. Their mama told them not to disturb the sick cat and went on its way. They sat beside their friend watching it resting, chatting now and then when the cat opened its eyes. It started getting dark, they told their friend to go up, waited for him to climb the tree, and once kitty reached the branch, they walked back to their home.

The cat recovered and their friends were happy to see it active. While playing the mother butterfly met them. It told the cat there is a small tunnel to go to the forest below their flower garden. It told the cat you can go to your home through the tunnel. The cat said show me the tunnel tomorrow morning and went with the little butterflies to play.

The next morning the little ones told kitty their mother will come after some time. So they began playing. It was noon when their mother butterfly came. It took them to the farther end of the garden, crossed the water pond, passed a huge neem tree, and went towards a dried banyan tree. Stopped there and began looking at the ground below the trunk of the tree. It found the tunnel covered with dried leaves, cleared the same and pointed to cat. The cat came and saw the tunnel, said its dark. The mother butterfly told if you run through the tunnel you will reach the forest in a few minutes.

The cat bid goodbye to its friends thanked the mother butterfly and ran into the tunnel. It closed its eyes and continued running. A little further it felt as if falling below, afraid of darkness did not open its eyes. Being sick and weak it lost consciousness. When it opened its eyes it saw green grass around it, far away saw lots of trees and birds flying in the sky. It stood up to walk but, could not move. It slowly dragged itself to a nearby tree and lay down tired and exhausted it slept off.

Some children traveling through the forest in a horse-drawn carriage saw the cat lying. They started shouting, pointing towards the tree, a cat is lying and the horseman stopped the carriage. Ones the horseman stopped, they jumped down and ran to the tree. The horseman followed. The cat could only hear the children's voices, could not open its eyes. With great difficulty, it half-opened the eyes and could not keep it open longer.

The horseman told the children the cat is sick, come let us go its getting late. The children to take the cat, but the horseman refused. The children were stubborn and argued with the horseman. At last, the horseman carried the cat to the carriage, lay it in a corner, and told the children not to disturb it. He rode the carriage towards the town very fast as it started getting dark. The cat was still sleeping when the carriage reached their grandparents' house.

The children’s grandparents came out to receive them. They being excited started talking, all at the same time. Their grandparents did not understand what they said and asked the horseman what is the matter. The horseman pointed to the cat sleeping in the carriage and told them what happened on the way.

Their grandma went and carried the cat into the house. The children followed their grandma. The cat was laid on a small cloth bed in a corner of the hall, their grandma brought milk in a bowl. The cat could smell the milk, but could not move because it was weak. Grandma, ‘feed the cat with a small milk bottle’ said the children. Their grandma said a good idea and went searching for the milk bottle. The children sat around the cat. She came back with an old milk bottle filled and fed the cat slowly. The children felt happy and took turns feeding the cat. 

Once fed, their grandma told them to go play outside, not to disturb the cat. For the next few days, their grandma fed the cat, took care of it. Kept it warm by covering it with a blanket. The cat recovered, began moving within the house playing with the children. Slowly it grew stronger and began following the grandma everywhere.

One day while playing with the children in front of the house, it ran and hid under a nearby bush. For a long time, none came to look for it. It came out saw all around, finding the street empty ran towards the house. It went through the gate and walked into the house.

The next day when playing with the children it realized the place was familiar to it, so stopped playing and walked up the street. In the corner of the street, it found the mango tree and the neem tree under which it used to play with its parents. The house was not there, only plain ground and the trees. It looked around for its mother and father, ran to the corners of the compound wall searching but no one to be found. So it went back to play.

The next morning the cat went to the neem tree once again looking for its parents. There it saw its old friend crow and called out. The crow looked down and was happy to see its friend. It flew down and sat on the wall. It enquired kitty where it was all these days, saying her parents were searching. The cat told about its journey and now staying in the greenhouse at the other corner of the street. It enquired about its parents and asked the crow to take him there. No, it is very long, you cannot walk alone said the crow and promised to inform its parents about its arrival.

Every day kitty came and sat under the neem tree waiting for its parents. There was no sign of them. One sunny day the crow came and a little later its parents arrived. Excited it ran towards its mother calling out. It hugged them and cried that it will not disobey them. Her parents consoled it 'ok bygone is bygone, you are safe and back, come let’s go to our new home.’ Kitty walked with her parents’ hand in hand happily to its new home.

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