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Be a part of the contest Navratri Diaries, a contest to celebrate Navratri through stories and poems and win exciting prizes!

Samraggi Roy

Children Stories Inspirational


Samraggi Roy

Children Stories Inspirational

It's Okay To Dream

It's Okay To Dream

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“It’s okay to dream”, do you know why I decided to work on this topic? Well, because dreams actually come true. You might not believe this but whatever I am saying, I really do mean it. Earlier, I also didn’t used to believe that dreams come true but you know somethings are not what it really looks like. Do you want to know how I changed my thought process about dreams coming into reality? I’ll tell you. 

I never really knew why people used to use this phrase until I met someone who blew my mind. 

It was a summer morning and the vacations were on so I could sleep as long as I wanted to but that’s partly true, because I had to wake up every morning at 8:00 a.m. Now for some people 8:00 a.m must be very late but for me it’s super early. I am a person who can sleep for 168 hours straight which is a week. My dad wakes me up at 6:00 a.m but after procrastinating for 2 hours I finally wake up at 8:00 a.m. After waking up, I brushed my teeth, ate breakfast and then tried to study for 2 straight hours which was almost impossible for someone like me. I am a very fickle minded kind of person who can’t sit still for more than an hour unless I have to draw or watch TV. I’m sure every kid is like this but I’m a pre-teen. So after studying I went down to meet my friends who were playing, by the way it was already noon till then, yeah I watched TV for sometime well a long time. After I came down, one of my friends said “Hey, you know I heard a new kid of our age has shifted to this complex.”. “Should we go and meet him?” asked my friend Emily with curiosity. She is the most curious kid in our whole gang. “Why not!” said John. “Are you guys sure about this?” said Merrisa with a faint voice, maybe no one could even hear her voice. She is the most nervous kid in our gang. “Ok, so the plan is fixed. We are going to meet the new kid in our complex right now! ” cried Lisa with a leadership voice, she is the most bold member in our gang. I really don’t know why but I feel like Lisa is the leader of our gang, well maybe because she takes almost every decision of our gang. I’m sure other members think the same about her. “Guys, wait I’ll have to inform my parents or else I’ll be dead!” I said because once we went to call Merrisa from her block even though she is in the same complex, my parents were red with rage and I was sure that I’m going to be grounded for a week now. “Look, Sam you’ve gotta be more brave and you’ll have to learn to face your parents!” advised John, snapping me out of my noon nightmare . “Yeah, I think you’re right.” I said with a sigh. “Actually you know what? You’re going to speak to my parents now and you’ll be the one facing my parents. Let’s see how much courage you have John.” I said as I dragged him by his hand to my house. “Wait! What! Why I’m I supposed to face your parents?” said John as I continued dragging him up the staircase. “That is because you were the one to advise me to be brave and be courageous and stuff!” I said with ferocity as we reached my house door. 

“Ding Dong!” as I rang the bell. “What are you doing here right now? You are supposed to be in the garden with your friends. And why are you squeezing John’s hand? He’ll get hurt!” said mom with astonishment and a weird look on her face. “Mom, John wants to talk to you!” I said as I pushed John infront of me as he faced my mom. My parents are very not at all lenient and maybe that is why my friends are scared of them, even Lisa. 

“Aunty, I - I - I was w - wondering i - if Sam c - could go to the n - new n - neighbour’s h - h - house?” stammered John as he shaked and by his body language I could make out that he was scared to talk to my mom.

And then finally came the moment where mom asked a dozen of questions to John about the new neighbours.

John stammered to answer as I stood behind him giggling at how helpless he felt. 

After mom gave me permission and closed the door, John turned to me with rage and teary eyes and squeezed my hand as he walked me down the stairs to the garden.

“Why the hell did you make me face your non-lenient mom?” asked John, wiping out his sweat with his t-shirt sleeves.

“Why not? Because you were the one who advised me to do so! And now you are complaining? How ungrateful can you be John Stewart?” I cried with a dramatic effect.

“Guys, stop your stupid fight! We’ve gotta go to the new residents of our complex.” cried out Lisa as she started sprinting towards the new residents’ house. We then stopped our fight and followed her.

After we reached the new boy’s house, he called us in and offered some cookies and milk. His name was Daniel. We chatted with him for like 15 minutes and then we asked him to join our gang and he agreed. From then onwards he was also a part of our gang and slowly he became my best friend.

One evening, I was feeling really low and I came down to the garden and sat on the swing. As I swung really slowly, the swing made a screeching sound which I hated but I was so not into me that I couldn’t even hear the sound. After a few minutes, I saw Daniel jogging up to the swing next to me. He sat on the swing and asked me “What happened Sam?”.

I didn’t reply as I could not hear him. Then he asked me again but this time also I couldn’t hear him. The next time he didn’t call me, instead he patted me on my shoulder. I looked up at him with my teary eyes. 

“What happened?” he said with a tense look. “I am just feeling very low.” I said with my teary eyes and a low volume. “What’s the matter? Did anyone say something?” he asked. “No, it’s just that I am feeling very useless and I just don't know why. I feel like I’m not myself.” I said with a broken voice and confused expression. “I had never felt like this.” I said. 

“Why do you feel useless?” asked Daniel. And the conversation started:

Me - You know, today my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I had literally no answer to it. I am just so lost in my life, I don’t know what to do or where to start or anything.

Daniel - Would you mind asking me the same question?

Me - Why?

Daniel - You’ll have to ask to find out your life’s answer.

Me - Yeah right, as if I wanna be what you wanna be.

Daniel - Just ask me first!

Me - Okay, What do you want to be when you grow up?

Daniel - Web Developer.

Me - Where is my answer? I don’t want to be a web developer for sure.

Daniel - You see, I also never got my answer at once.

Me - What? Then how did you get your answer?

Daniel - I am telling this to you but remember that no one told me this, I had to find out my path by myself. What do you really want to be?

Me - I don’t know! 

Daniel - Close your eyes and concentrate on what you love doing the most and what you can do for 8 straight hours without any break or anything and which you are extraordinarily good at.

Me - I need time. I can’t think about anything right now.

Daniel - Ok, that’s fine. I’ll give you a week of time and within that time you’ll have to give me the answer so next Sunday we’ll meet here at the same time.


And then Daniel went to his home and I went to mine.

The next Sunday the same time, I went in the garden and saw Daniel waiting for me, walking in a to and fro motion. As he saw me, he directed me to sit down and so did he.

And the conversation begins:

Daniel - Can I get my answer now?

Me - Writer

Daniel - Are you extraordinarily good at it?

Me - I think so.

Daniel - Your thinking doesn’t matter here.All that matters is the reality.

Me - Now tell me how to do this also!

Daniel - Okay, I have no issues!

Me - I’m listening…

Daniel - Have you ever written any story in your life?

Me - Yeah, like I have written some---

Daniel - How many?

Me - IDK

Daniel - How many?

Me - I think like 10 or 12.

Daniel - In 12 years you have written only 10 to 12 stories?

Me - Yeah!

Daniel - Have you ever participated in any writing competition?

Me - Never!

Daniel - How did you get the idea of being a writer when you grow up?

Me - I like doing that and I think I’m pretty good at it!

Daniel - Why do you think so?

Me - I have always dreamt of being a writer.

Daniel - Then why didn’t you tell me that earlier?

Me - Dreams don’t come true. They are just stupid dreams.

Daniel - They do come true Sam!

Me - How do you know Dan? Have any of your dreams come true? I’m pretty sure the answer is---

Daniel - Yes! The answer is yes. My dream has come true.

Me - What?!

Daniel - I am a web-developer, and that at the age of 12.

Me - How? Wait! What?

Daniel - Not a very famous one but a good one. I create websites for companies and earn money.

Me - I never knew that.

Daniel - Why don’t you participate in a writing competition if you stand 1st or 2nd or 3rd prize, then you’ll get your answer as yes and if you receive a consolation prize then your answer will be no.

Me - Okay! I’ll try.

Then after we both went back to our homes.

I went home and searched for some good online story writing contests and found a website ‘Write’. I went through their contests and participated in one of them and won a third prize. I kept on trying and trying. I went through other websites as well and slowly, without me even noticing I started to stand the first prize and I got my first ever earning from a contest where I stood the first prize. I saved some of the money, I gave some of the money to my family and the rest which was left I gave it to Daniel because he was the one who encouraged me to do this. 

And this is how I started believing that ‘Dreams come true’. 

~Thank You


I would like to thank my elder brother who helped to find my dream. And I would also like to thank the online website ‘Write’ where I can now participate and correct my errors and I can learn from my mistakes and become a better writer.

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