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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Lianiry Nunez

Children Stories Drama


Lianiry Nunez

Children Stories Drama



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A grey kitten wandered around the dark alleyway, lost, scared, and alone. The creature didn't know where she was, or where she was going. The kitten was as small as a banana, like a grey ball of fluff rolling around with two big dark eyes. From a distance, you could see the scratches and dirt all over her fur, even underneath it all. A single scratch was across one of her eyes, and she had a limp.

The kitten didn't have a name, never had a family, if it did, it didn't last long. However, one night changed it all when a teenage boy came upon that same alleyway. Outlined of a jacket and pants walking through the darkness, as if he was wearing the night as skin, and the stars as eyes. The grey furball was however very intimidated, for she was weak and scared, she was just a little ray of sunshine in this midst of darkness. The kitten had nowhere to run, she closed her eyes and accepted whatever the boy would do to her.

Yet, when the boy got just close enough, he kneeled down in front of the kitty, he didn't say anything until he showed himself into the moonlight and took off his hoodie. Instead of seeing a scary look, a look of anger or intimidation or mischievousness, anything you'd expect from a night-boy. The kitten saw a kind look with a genuine moonline smile etched on his face, friendly and charm laced on his ear piercings as he turned his head at the kitten.

In concern, but very slow and gentle, the teenager said, "hello, little need some help?"

The kitten looked away, unsure of what to do, but seeing how this might be the only chance she got. She meowed a high pitch cry, "Meow.."

The boy crawling a little closer, but when the kitty stepped back, he stopped and whispered, "'s okay. I'm not here to hurt you...I'm Yiz...I'm 16 years old..." he took this opportunity to crawl alittle closer and added, "I promise, if you come with me, I'll give you a place of warmth, comfort, and love...I'll even throw in a dows that sound...Silver?" Yiz lay his hand-palm facing up- on the ground.

The kitten-or should I say Silver- didn't waste any time to meow softly and tiptoe on her paws towards Yiz's palm and whined constantly. Yiz just scratched her head softly as he headed his way home, snuggling the cold kitten into his chest to quiet down the whines and leaving the night in silence once again.

After that night, Yiz cleaned his new kitten inside and out, and loved her with all his being. Silver was always with Yiz, they never seperated. This went on for several months. Sometimes Yiz would leave on some errands, as he puts it, sometimes he would invite his frineds over, and he even got a girlfriend. As time passes, he spent less time with the kit. Silver would complain to him for just the simplest things, like wanting to be fed, or wanting a new bowl of water. Sometimes she bothering him because she was lonely or wanted Yiz's love again, but he always waved her off.

A sudden rage that erupted out of his mouth every time he looked at Silver, for instead of gentle he was vicious, instead of caring he was careless. It was as if that kind and caring and warm Yiz was gone. As Yiz spends more time doing other things or with other people, Silver tries to get Yiz to go back to that old Yiz. Silver didn't like this new Yiz, not one bit. It often made her sad.

One morning, the grey kitten was laying on the windowsill, refusing to eat for she couldn't find the energy or will to do so. Two blue birds few ot the windowsill, they often go there to talk to the kit. They often tell Silver about night boys and reckless and violent teenagers that they've witnessed, but silver shook her head at them. She won't believe such lies, she belive that one day Yiz will love her again, for he was different. Yiz once showed kindness, he once held a deep amount of care. Even if he was the exact opposite now, Silver does not belive that is totally true. For somewhere deep inside the man is her favorite boy.

One night, Silver was crying in a corner, very softly as to not anger Yiz, but it was too late for he was trotting over to her. Very quickly and in big steps, he did. Silver expected a yell or a complaint, but instead, without warning, Yiz picked up the kitten. Right up in his arms and quickly, Silver didn't complain or make any noise, nor did he as the kitty snuggled into his chest. Welcoming the warmth Yiz brought to her. She missed Yiz's presence so much, no words were to be said. Even in silence it felt soothing to her, it gave her hope that everything will go back to how it was.

This rare but precious moment blew away any ounce of negativity or darkness or cold she once had in her heart and mind. As if Yiz's embrace scared all of them away. Silver wanted to stay there forever. It didn't take long for her to close her eyes and sleep in Yiz's arms. Into the warmth of security...and her last.

When Silver woke up, she felt cold. She was freezing. She felt something wet underneath her paws, an uncomfortable kind of wet. Silver looked around and see a tight but small space lined with grey metal swirls that separated her from the world. Silver was right in the center of it, where a large puddle is. In the corner is a bowl of food and water. She stood up and meowed, she looked all around and meowed some more. Nobody came except the janitors to clean the small space and give her fresh water and food.

However, Silver didn't want to eat. She couldn't. She wouldn't. She crawled over to a corner and stayed there helpless and alone. Silver felt abandoned now...she knew that she was now an orphan for the comfty collar that once lay upon her neck was no more. Silver never moved from her corner and she never ate, all she could think about was Yiz. Even now, she still had hope...hope that her love will come back to her. Her love..her owner...her friend..whoever he was she wasn't so sure anymore. Her heartfelt so numb and empty, she just couldn't bring herself to do anything, or say anything.

She'll admit, several persons came by and tried to give her love and warmth, but it wasn't the same. For one, it was totally different from Yiz's kind of love, Yiz's kind of kindness, Yiz's kind of warmth. Also, what was the point of starting anew if they'd just throw her out again. In this small space. Silver can't accept anybody else. Nobody but Yiz. The kitten only saw Yiz.

The grey kitty was broken, but even now she held hope..hope that Yiz would come back to her. Hoping that Yiz will love her again and fill her with his everlasting warmth. Hope was the only thing the grey kitten had to want to stay alive.

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