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Garima Jain

Children Stories Inspirational


Garima Jain

Children Stories Inspirational

From Tornadoes To Tranquility

From Tornadoes To Tranquility

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The story “from tornadoes to tranquillity” describes the tornadoes of our life, the obstacles we face while achieving our dreams or the things or peeps that hinder our path of success and tranquillity; refers how calmly we fight with the situations. Each one of us is facing some or the other problem in our life but it depends on us that how we deal with the difficulties..!!

Description: This story revolves around two little kiddos and two different families. Both the family are in contradictory terms with each other but the kiddos share a special bond. At some stage, they both face difficulties but the way they deal with it is completely different.

We might face some difficulties in the pathway of achieving success but those difficulties make us more stronger than before.”

-Garima Jain

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We all have a wish list and we try our best to fulfil all the things that are in our wish list. We walk through miles just to fulfil our wishes or the wishes of our loved ones. But what about those people who are not able to fulfil their wishes due to certain obligations or some other reasons.

Aryanshi was a small-town girl having a loving and caring family. They lived in a small village of Maharashtra district. Aryanshi was a self-obsessed girl and probably an introvert. She spent her childhood in Maharashtra but after completing her SSC examination they moved to New Delhi for her further studies.

Aryanshi was very much dedicated to her dreams. She secured 98% in her SSC examination. It was time for HSC examination, she started working hard for her examination. She wanted to pursue her carrier as a Charter Accountant. She has pre-planned everything what she will do after HSC, everything was going on her side.

The days kept passing and her HSC examination are coming near. She had one year and five months in her hand to prepare herself for HSC. She started studying for 12 hours a day. She was an introvert so she did not have friends. Everything that matter for her was her family and she herself. The rest of the time she used to spent with her family. She was the single child of their parents.

It was the month of June, she started feeling a bit of uneasiness. Days kept on passing, her uneasiness was increasing day by day. Then she told her parents about this. Her parents were worried about her so they decided to take her to check up. It was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was depressed on listening to these words. She had lost all her hope of achieving the incentive of success. From that day, she started spending most of the time alone. Negativity started encircling her. Negative thoughts started leaving deep wounds and scars on her soul.

At night while she was sleeping, her mother entered her room and started rubbing hands on her head. She woke up and looked into the eyes of her mother and said, “ Mom, how many days are left for me to live ?” This made her mother’s eyes teary and mother replied in grief, “Kiddo, everything will be fine you’re not going anywhere, you have to achieve your dreams, sleep well and take some rest. Good Night!" and her mother left the room with teary eyes. She soon started losing her appetite and her condition deteriorated day by day.

She always used to admire her late grandmother. On the same night after her mother left the room, she heard a whisper in her ears. The whisper of her grandmother’s voice. On hearing those whisper, she immediately opened her eyes and took a step towards the wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe and took out the gift which her grandmother created for her 8th birthday. It was a cushion with a floral print but something which always incentivized was written over. There it was, a letter from her grandmother which she attached in the cushion.

My dear kiddo,

I know you’re the bravest girl I just want to you to never ever lose your hope whenever you face some tornadoes. Just make yourself stronger than the tornadoes and once you beat yourself, the tornadoes will turn into tranquillity very soon.

With love,

Your Grandmother.

These words incentivized her and with a positive mindset, she started her treatment in July which went on until about January. The seven months were extremely challenging, not only physically but emotionally as well. Aryanshi first had a surgery which was followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Initial cycles of chemotherapy were difficult as the body takes time to adjust to the side effects, but she was mentally strong, and along with the right diet and words of her Grandmother, she continued her battle.

During her treatment, Aryanshi's source of strength was her family – her mother, her father, the words of her late grandmother and most importantly she herself.

“Once you are ready to beat yourself, half of the battle is already won.”

They rallied around her, constantly providing emotional and mental support and maintaining a positive environment around her. Her father stood by her through the entire course of treatment, uplifting her willpower to improve her fitness and health.

Finally, on 7th January she got cured of breast cancer and started preparing for her HSC examination. She was a little bit worried because she had only 2 months in her hand. But once again the letter strikes her mind and she works with full determination and secured 97% in her HSC examination.

This was how Aryanshi won the battle and now she cherishes each and every moment of her life with her loved ones.

“Every problem that hinders our path also have one or more than one solutions. It just depends on us, how we deal with the tornadoes to bring tranquillity in our life.”

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