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She was engaged into an occupation which an average society hesitates to discuss, read more

6     17.9K    195    412

A Maharashtrian family was leading a perfectly peaceful life, until the arrival of a read more

12     18.5K    190    413

Woman's World
© Akash Sharma

Action Crime +1

Yes, Women are running the place. But it's like a home now. They're as caring as a read more

14     17.8K    128    603

Twenty minutes and four bus hijackings later, I found a bearded man seated on the read more

3     1.8K    66    439

A supernatural thriller that deals with a deadly conspiracy plotted 350 years ago and takes the readers on an adventure.

Somehow his sixth sense was then telling him that he could be in danger; he should read more

16     870    60    441

Before him sat on the chair, a boy with moss green eyes and brown hair of seventeen read more

54     346    1    640

Cold air hit my face, pushing down my read more

4     1.2K    121    525

The Sub-Inspector and two constables were trying in vain to keep off the people read more

22     16.3K    141    563

This is the Second story of my series- " Tinnock & Tindok's read more

7     1.7K    79    256

The truth will always win over a pack of read more

9     17.2K    114    571

She had long black hair that cascaded down to her waist and deep black eyes in which read more

13     17.3K    160    596

Street Urchin
© Sam K

Crime Drama

Wet and tired, she dozed off on the bench, just as she did from the past 73 read more

25     222    6    633

Willy Waters was my love. And another man, Karg Jenner. And me. And a triangle. Of read more

7     5.4K    139    650

NRI Investment Banker arrested for Rape and double Murder –Express read more

5     21.7K    291    668

The only down side of dreaming is that those dreams usually don’t clarify the read more

10     18.7K    159    681

A rich, entertaining and candid memoir. And overall Obama's a fun person to sit alongside as she tells you her story.

Erasing #MeToo
© Urvashi Pahwa

Crime Inspirational +1

This world is a bad place, but someone has to set it read more

18     16.7K    144    683

Sub-Inspector Patil added his input - All of them had one thing in common. They were read more

14     17.4K    113    1031

The astrologer and his disciple were in fact fugitives in disguise. They escaped read more

10     16.0K    128    688

The Tune Of Death
© Neel Deb

Crime Thriller

Then I saw a shadow of a man slowly walking away from the front door with the same read more

3     18.0K    100    697

She held the cat around her neck in the left hand with the knife in her right hand; read more

9     19.8K    267    705

Shoot the animals with a camera and not the read more

13     18.4K    176    721

Suddenly, Smith lunged forward and tried to punch John in the read more

2     16.3K    152    726

No matter how much I denied it, it was all real. Real bank, real robbers, real read more

6     15.9K    133    737

Pragya thanked God for saving her life from certain read more

10     1.0K    63    752

Piku swerved and hit him hard on his read more

6     179    9    784

Mr.John Smith was the biggest dealer of rare paintings made by renowned artists. He read more

8     248    1    799

This is a crime story about killing a read more

8     15    0    1239

There was not even a gas stove in the kitchen. Even the laziest of the women read more

10     16.4K    107    842

I can only dream of her and think of imaginary romantic moments between us but I had read more

10     17.0K    107    843

The world is categorized as good and bad; the conflict between these two states is a read more

4     20.2K    269    871