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Somehow his sixth sense was then telling him that he could be in danger; he should read more

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She was sitting on the front yard steps, her head tilted up, trying to clot her read more

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No matter how much I denied it, it was all real. Real bank, real robbers, real read more

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When I let go of what I am, I become what I might read more

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The psychiatrist's wife found out about his extra-marital affair and kills him read more

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Cold air hit my face, pushing down my read more

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NRI Investment Banker arrested for Rape and double Murder –Express read more

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The Asylum
© Venkatesh R

Thriller Drama +1

He opened his eyes there was no one, he checked with his colleagues and went around read more

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Tara Devi tied a black thread on Kruthi's wrist and blessed her. She kissed her on read more

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She thought that the days in captivity taught her to respect read more

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A girl goes in search of the person who threw acid on her face twelve years ago. read more

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She was engaged into an occupation which an average society hesitates to discuss, read more

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A Maharashtrian family was leading a perfectly peaceful life, until the arrival of a read more

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Sub-Inspector Patil added his input - All of them had one thing in common. They were read more

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The truth will always win over a pack of read more

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I can only dream of her and think of imaginary romantic moments between us but I had read more

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He was isolated in the prison, a special cell was allocated for him. He was not read more

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Strangely enough, the girls and the boys are kept in separate read more

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There was not even a gas stove in the kitchen. Even the laziest of the women read more

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The Artist
© Venkatesh R

Thriller Drama +1

Mithali a blessed child, from a young age, she excelled in academics and has been read more

3     433    49    1434

1120 AD, Avanti, State of read more

7     22.4K    297    1465

Twenty minutes and four bus hijackings later, I found a bearded man seated on the read more

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The moment I turned back, somebody held my shoulder with a thump from behind. I read more

14     441    26    944

A Murder
© Kausik Chatterjee

Abstract Crime +1

A story surrounding a murder and a deep deconstruction of the psychological state of read more

32     17.5K    198    283

The Brave Son
© Disha Mangal

Children Crime

Five hours later, there was police all around the campus of the college and there read more

3     578    52    556

An idyllic hill town. Rain and mist. An unconventional detective. What's there read more

20     252    6    1061

A rookie commits a crime in an impulse. Whereas, it takes practice and talent to read more

7     261    49    691

The Journey
© Manjiri Sharma

Crime Thriller +1

Suddenly, Somen heard a huge blast, he turned and watched in horror, the train from read more

14     18.2K    129    1149

We reached our destination. But the Almighty noticed my wet eyes, “Angels are not read more

6     140    5    1169

A mystery story involving kidnapping, murder and read more

14     19.0K    323    1172