Creativity !

Creativity !

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Liril was born in a poor family . In the early age of his childhood he lost his father. Swara - his mother managed all his upbringing. She taught little Liril not to mingle with many friends because you might learn such behaviour which is not acceptable in larger strata of society. She often limited Liril access to outer world. She was very much focused and parenting such a way so that she will get desired result in future. She wished her little heart would became a creative professional in his adulthood. She tried to give every possible exposure to Liril.

In that home there were only three creatures- Liril ,his mother sometimes his beloved and sometimes a strict warden and the third one Moori- a little bird. Liril used to play and chat with Moori. He shared his feelings with Moori although he didn’t get any response in his language yet got rich responses which were enough to fill with joy in Liril’s Mood. All three were happy with their belonging within their little world.

Liril was progressing as per his mother’s aspiration and produced good results in academics and other co-curricular activities. The bond were also growing firmly between Liril and Moori. They shared their food and maximum time of day with each other and for each other. Swara treated both of them like siblings and share her love and care equally.

There was an art competition in Liril school. Mr. Madan announced rules and process related to this art competition. Students supposed to create a creative art work which had a great appeal. It was not from his text book , originality would be crucial bench mark for winning this completion. All students could take ideas from their respective teachers and elders and submit their master piece with-in seven days, a renowned artist L.L Villy would present that day and select the winner. Winner also would get the opportunity to participate “Villy wow magic art class” in upcoming vacations. Only one students from one school would get this opportunity and total thirty students supposed to select from the city.

Swara found it a great opportunity for Liril. It could be the benchmark for Liril. Liril was also passionate for work with L.L Villy. Both started to think and think, over think but none could succeed anything worth designing. They discussed elaborately, Moori was silent and showed a keen interest in their discussion. Two days passed , Liril created , coloured ,decorated and send it to dustbin. Nothing his creation produced any appeal. In school some students submitted their work but all seemed ordinary. Liril was waiting for extra ordinary idea. But his mother aspirations and his perceptions whatever built about life made him confused and he was missing the line where he was in the position of making decision.

Five days passed, almost all students submitted their work , remaining seven students got warning and got notified to submit it in the first period the next day. Liril painted hundreds of design but none could as per his expectations although Swara got nod to some pictures but Liril did not consider any one and showed the way of dustbin to all. The place where they threw their garbage now looked filled with drawing papers. Sixth day Liril was the only one who did not submit his work , he got punishment and red card also.

Liril got tensed, he tried all combination of colours but nothing created magic as Villy master pieces created. Swara consoled him and suggested now leave the hope and try to sleep because for three nights Liril had slept biologically, not by choice. Moori hopped near him all time but Liril did not give any attention from past three days. Moori twittered so much but no one to listen. Liril got sleepy, Moori hopped on his chest. It was the final night and Liril was out of this event. However twittering Of Moori reached into the subconscious mind of Liril. Liril saw the dream and got the winning prize from the L.L. Villy. A much awaited smile on Liril's face but in dreams.

Next day was happening, students were happy being a part of such grand event. Mr. L.L. Villy addressed all students and interacted with students. Liril missed this chance to interact with Mr. Villy cause he was sitting behind as non-performer.  It was the high time when Villy inaugurated the exhibition and announced best creative work pf the school. Villy with school board member moved observing the work of students and commented on that. Villy often used the "WOW" word to see artistic work. Wow was his favorite word but today he did not get the chance to use it. No work was as per his rating to make him wow! They crossed all gallery and observed all art work as they about to come out from the gallery, Villy noticed an art work and could not stop him this time to shouted WOW! Although this wow came late because he was overwhelmed by the work. He was glad to see such work in this art gallery. He shouted that Was this work in this competition or not? School teachers noticed that in a small character there was written something bottom side of this master piece work that was the name of master Liril.

Villy picked up that art work and reached on the podium and addressed all audience – What a master piece! I have no more words for this. Please come forward master of this art work. I eagerly waiting to meet that creative person, please Mr. Liril come and join the stage with me. Liril got tears in his eyes and walked elegantly towards the stage and shook hand with Villy. He was awarded the first prize and got the token to attend “Villy wow magic art class” in upcoming vacations. Villy was awarded most creative students of the school.

Now there were only two creatures in that home- Mr. Creative –Liril and his Mother on cloud nine. Liril made his master piece using the feathers, beaks and nails of Moori. Moori left the ocean of questions on creativity.


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