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Best Friendzzz

Best Friendzzz

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This word itself makes me walk around the globe…

Reading the headline….

Soaked deep into the thought…

YOU might be thinking that this is about as always a friendship between 2 creatures…..!!!! 

But nooo….. This is between my black and my white friend with a beautiful colorful lady 

We three are incomplete and helpless without each other… 

I(PENCIL) can make one fly through the glory of success, make one laugh, make one cry, and make one smile …

My Value is realized when I am in the hands of those little poor children craving for knowledge and education…

I was fascinated by looking at their beautiful smile after getting the opportunity to study with my support….

When I commit mistakes my best friend “ERASER” erases it forever and motivates me to stay in the present and forget my past….

This is my request to all my users to erase their past and never regret and also not think much about the future….

Whenever I am broken down “SHARPENER” sharpens me and motivates me to fill up the blank pages of the life of people….

I never regret that when I get sharpened my length is reduced. But I feel proud that I am sharpened for someone’s betterment… 

Likewise, my sweet users sharpen your beautiful lost memories of success in life and make your bad memories or failures  irrecoverable

Always stay positive and have friends to erase the past of your bad times and motivate you in all your situations to walk through the road of life that never ends….

There might be thorns to bleed.. on your way and divert your mind… But there’s always another side of the coin….

Stay strong and erect like my wooden body at all times of life…

This was a page written by me about my friendzzz… 

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