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A Golden Smile At Risk !

A Golden Smile At Risk !

2 mins

Hello, daddy, meet my friend “Nobi” said “Schizu” when Schizu and Nobi were having Sandwich and surprisingly daddy arrived to pick Schizu after office.

This merely remained only a dream for Schizu that she will ever speak to a boy in front of her dad…

In this small world where a girl is building her own way to the castle of her dreams Schizu still thinks before speaking to a boy on the road front.

Is it because of society she lives in or the wings of freedom she never used??

One should change with their mindset as the world changes.. and the fact that there are people with scissors to cut wings.

One will always stay updated about the political happenings, the latest technologies…

One will never forget to update their mobile software or mobile apps to stay connected with technology…

Then Why one does not try to update their mindset and try to see where the other girls in the society are reaching out with flying colors????

Why Schizu’s father did not understand that he is curbing a great talent hidden in that child??

She’s a great dancer, a great painter, and a great chef… Listening to the music she cannot stop her feet from popping... She expresses her mood through the color shades that fill the blank paper…

Having lost a great opportunity of Guinness Book of World records in painting …what else is expected to sacrifice??

Just because her family wanted her to be a Chartered Accountant..!

Schizu was always provided with the things she needed but in case of friends she never served her wish before her dad to hang out because she was used to listening to the word “No”….

Schizu is always confused that it is her Dad’s orthodox behavior or the sheer love and care for his princess or the threat of “Meri Princess Ek din Bidaa ho jayegi Apne Sasuraal “” which makes him so protective now and blind that he cannot take the risk to leave her alone for a minute!!!!

Schizu’s dad always wanted a smile on Schizu’s face and never wanted her to be in trouble which made him of that kind...

But he never knew that in the greed of a smile on Schizu’s face he was losing the opportunity to see a golden smile...

Do what you want… But not only by listening to the notes of your heart, your mind as well…

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