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Another Day Passed

Another Day Passed

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Dear diary,

Today another normal day passed with the same schedule.

I woke up at 9:40 had to attend my online classes from 10 to 3 with no breaks in between.

Then it had a one hour break of some tv and lunchtime.

Then at 4 I again had my tuition till 6, today we go the results of our previous maths test.

After that, we had our usual some more tv time.

Then we sand our usual prayers, and I sat down for homework while my dad and sister are painting something interesting.

Also which reminds me tomorrow I have an art class, you know that I hate art, mainly because I don't know how to draw, but to be honest I can't wait for it, it can't be that bad.

Also, the new episode of chicken girls is releasing tomorrow, I cant wait to tell you tomorrow all about it. Bye-bye.

Your friend,


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