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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Ananya Ladda



Ananya Ladda


An Adventure In Time

An Adventure In Time

4 mins 178 4 mins 178

There were once three kids, Lucy, Dick, and Anne. They lived with their parents in a fine house in New Jersey, America. Lucy loved dinosaurs, anything about dinosaurs. Dick, the middle kid, was a big fan of books while Anne, the youngest, had a different interest. She liked to draw. Anyway, one day, these kids were on a car ride with their parents.

"Mum, when are we going to reach home," asked Lucy, who was thoroughly bored.

"After your father realizes that he's holding the map backward, darling," replied her mother. All of a sudden, everything started to go sort of, well backward, and soon, they realized they weren't on a road, not even a path. Just a place that was dense with trees.

"Um, dad, what's that," asked Dick, pointing to a huge object walking towards them.

"No way,' said Lucy. "Unless I'm mistaken, and I'm pretty sure I'm not, that's a tyrannosaurus Rex.

"Then that must mean," said Anne. "We're stuck back in time!"

"Okay, nobody panic," replied dad, trying to stay calm. "There must be a way to go back."

"I think there is," said Dick, thinking hard. "I once read a book named "Crazy Myths" and it said that every hundred years, one family, and I mean one whole family, get chosen to go back to an era in time. Sometimes, you even go into the future. Anyway, my point is, to go back, you must find a large golden key and say the words"Take me back to my home" while holding it high."

Now, they were in trouble. Because this meant that they had to survive in the world of dinosaurs while taking dangerous measures while finding the key in order to get back home when they didn't even know where to start! They started to ask Dick if there were any clues or first hints. His reply was that the hint was "In the dinosaur world, you must start by following the footsteps, these will lead to the first clue, so go ahead."

They all thought in silence or a moment, when Lucy pointed to something, deep holes in Earth had been formed by nothing else, but the Dinosaur. They stepped out to have a quick look.

"Come on, let's go!" said Lucy they walked towards the car. Oops! Too late! A dinosaur had crushed their car flat! That meant that they were going on foot. But that didn't stop them and pretty soon, they reached the end of the trail.

"What's this?" asked Anne, picking up and old, dirty and mud-covered paper. "It reads-"Well done, you have succeeded in your first task, to find your next clue, do my ask. Move to the place where you get water."

"Watch out!" suddenly yelled Dick, as the most giant dinosaur stepped over their heads. "Whew, that was close."

They headed on with their tiring journey, only guessing where they should go. And did luck do them a favor! There was the glimmer of water, shining especially, because of the Sun. At first, they couldn't find any sort of clue and were just about to give up when Dick spotted that the water spelled something. To find your key, you must go north. And there was an outburst. They were finally going to find the key! They started to move by looking at mom's compass, while dad led the way.

"We'd better look out for dinosaurs or-!" said Anne.

"Like the pack of raptors chasing us right now?!" interrupted Lucy, yelling like a maniac. But who wouldn't?

"RRRRUUUUUUNNN!!!" And they ran, they ran as fast as their feet would take them and wouldn't slow down even a bit considering their alternative was being torn apart and eaten! You can imagine what a relief spread over them when they saw (drum roll!!!) The key!

"All of you, touch your hands to the key, quick!" yelled dad.

"Take me back home,' they all panted in unison. And, voila! They were back home! The second they came, they slumped into beds, they didn't even care whose it was!

But all I can say is, who can blame them? What a day! Hope they have a better night, and that they will, no doubt about that.

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