Abhay Kumar, The Clever Boy

Abhay Kumar, The Clever Boy

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Once upon a time, there was a king. He had a son named Shrenik. The king had very much faith in Shrenik. But one day Shrenik wanted to leave because of some reason. He left his Kingdom Rajdhruhi Nagri. He went ahead and came to a Kingdom named Tharad. He wanted a job. He found a job. He found a job at a very big bungalow. He did his job very well. Happy with it his master did his marriage with her daughter. One day his father got very unwell. He sent his guard to call Shrenik. When he heard his father was sick he wrote a chit and gave it to his wife and went with the soldier. Then he never returned. His wife also did not know who the king’s son was.

After some time she had a son whose name was Abhay Kumar. He was very clever. He was Topper in the class. He thought his grandpa was his father. His friends were very jealous of him so they told you don't have any father. Whom you think your father is your grandpa. Listening to it he felt disappointed. He went home and asked his mother “Where is my dad”? I don't know but one day a soldier came to your father and while going he gave her a chit. And in the chit, it was written. I’m the king of Rajdhruhi Nagri. So let's go, said Abhay. We can't become your father he is a king and without permission, we can't go. He told us we will go over there and I'll think of this idea.

They moved towards Rajdhruhi Nagri. They walked a long journey when it was a night they stayed at a village named Nandi Ram. The next morning Abhay went for a round in the village. He saw the villagers were sad and discussing something under a tree. He went and told the villagers what happened. They said that besides Kingdom Radhruhi Nagri’s Raja is angry with us and wants to stop giving grains to us but he doesn’t have any reason so he has given a task and told that if it wouldn’t be done so he would stop giving grains. Abhay asked “What’s the task?”. They said the well in your village has very sweet water. Can you please put it in our kingdom? The villagers were not very smart and didn’t know they were tricked and didn't know how to trick. Abhay thought it’s the perfect chance to trick my father and he'll call me for helping the villagers. He told them that the king was telling you. They went to the king and told what Abhay had said that our well is scared to come can you tell your well to come and take away our well.

Listening to it Raja told no Now I don't want the well can you can make my hen learn to fight without any help. When the villagers went, the king sent his spy to see who was helping them. He saw one boy was helping them. He listened to what he said and put it in front of a mirror in a hut. The Spy went and told the king. Listening to it the king thought of a plan. When the villagers returned the king acted like he didn’t know anything. Then he bought another trained hen and the villagers hen fought and won. The king told that what did they do to the villagers they told that they put a mirror in front of it and looking his reflection fought and got stronger. Then the king brought the boy who was helping. Listening to it the villagers got shocked and as per the order they did.

When Abhay e was smiling the king told if you do my task I will make you the minister and if you don't do you will go very far from here. The king told the task is one of my precious rings which is very heavy you have to remove it from a dry well with no water. Abhay agreed then the king told but you can’t use the rope or climb down. Abhay agreed and went to the well with the king. Abhay told him to give him cow dung and the king agreed and gave him. He targeted the ring and threw cow dung. The cow dung fell on the ring then he told me to come another day we went and came the next day. They saw that the cow dung was dried and the ring inside it got stuck with it and got light. Then Abhay told him to fill the water inside it. They filled it. As the cow dung was light it came up. They poured water until it came to its mouth. When it came up Abhay took the cow dung and removed the ring and gave it to the king. The king was surprised. He made him the minister of Rajdhuri Nagari. Then they went back to the palace and the king said “Who is your father? Abhay had the perfect chance to make his father remember everything. He told my father he was unwell and in a hurry he gave my mom a chit. The king remembered everything and sent Palkhi to bring her. After then Abhay Kumar, Shrenik Raja, and his wife stayed together happily.

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