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M Dhyani



M Dhyani


Yes Boss !

Yes Boss !

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People say leadership defies odds,

I say these days it has become a fizzled thunderbolt!

Who becomes  leader could be subjective,

Still, favoritism cannot be your objective! 

Bad leaders, they say spoil the party,

But choosing them did not seem to you "tacky"!

"Yes, Boss" sounds like your slogan, 

High time do some soul digging;

Arrive at reparation! 

You may shoot up the ranks, 

Validating your promotion.

I say you if you deserve it,

Do not call the world and do the justification!

Self-growth looks like an age-old notion,

No longer, injured souls required such solution!

You say "Hard Luck", your growth is in full motion,

I say no advice, I know my worth. So self-congratulation! 

My career growth indicates downward inclination,

But I am jubilant since my soul indicates progression!

I may have hurt few souls and question a few roles,

However,I apologize for the same since that was not my goal!

This crusade may not trigger off a revolution,

However, I claim it is just the beginning of an evolution!

Lastly, it was a poetry based on personal experience , just a slice of life not an exaggeration!  


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