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2 mins

This poem has no order,

It is in a state of disarray,

But I hope you’ll understand,

What I have to say.

Blue skies today,

Are just a little less blue,

And the stars no longer shine,

The way they used to.

Children growing up to learn,

People can’t see beyond a mortal sin.

Brains or brawn aren’t all you need;

What’ll always matter more is the colour of your skin.

Parents claim that social media,

A flawed sanction, comes in our way,

Not caring to hear our voices and troubles,

Unknowingly pushing us away.

All anyone wants,

Is territory, power, and fame.

They are drawn by this greed and hunger,

Like a moth to a flame.

Who do so many world leaders,

Think they are?

Who gave them the right

To declare wars, causing so much loss,

That humans and humanity are now far?

Students study history textbooks,

A subject which should prevent one

From repeating the past, and yet today,

More valuable than the heart is a gun.

How can nations celebrate their independence,

When just a thousand miles away,

Children are dying of diseases, and families are

Separated, over and over, day by day?

Humans are not the smartest species,

Look at the destruction that has been made,

Soon compassion and humility,

Like a memory, will begin to fade.

The next generation, because of this ignorance,

Might have nothing to live for,

But my generation will bring a change,

And the whispers of children will turn into a roar.

We will no longer wait,

For you to open the door.

Because of you we can’t recognise our

Planet Earth,

But no more,

Enough is enough,


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