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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Siddharth Nishar



Siddharth Nishar


The Prisoner

The Prisoner

2 mins 21.1K 2 mins 21.1K

He peeks out from the slits,

Tries to catch a glimpse

Of the world,

I denied him.


I ignore his transgression,

Affording him respite

From all the torture

I caused.


We used to be friends once,

My only friend once upon a time,

We would while away hours

Like seconds.


Of dreams and fantasies,

And far-away lands,

We built constructs of thoughts,

And then destroyed them,

Just like that.


Sometimes I hear him scream,

In the silence of lonely nights,

I shut my lids tighter,

By dawn, it's quiet.


Through childhood had we been,

Close as close can be,

And he made me who I am,

But he is inside now.


I remember bludgeoning him,

His daunting build defeated,

Because he would not yield,

I remember trying.


Sometimes he tries to seduce me,

Into opening the dark door,

With promises of riches none can give,

I ignore.


The hands he breathed life into

Fettered him.

And now he screams.


On wistful days I wonder

If in bereaving myself of him,

I shackle myself -

I draw a blank.


He fades with every rising sun,

His screams grow distant,

And as he dies, bit by bit,

Takes me along.


Fate made a monster out of me,

I might just kill him and find,

No place in heaven,

No peace at all.


I never wanted to do this, of course,

It was a struggle within me,

It tore me apart,

In two.


I rue the day I had to chose,

And in doing so set myself free,

I locked inside the prison of ambition,

The philosopher inside of me

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