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nitin puri



nitin puri


The Lost Journey

The Lost Journey

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A new song wailing in the woods

Voice of the lone, caressing the silence

The troupe of tranquility in the shadows of the soul

I belong here, are the calling words

The sense of graze in the company of none

Makes the traveler, remember the possession of someone

The touch, the feel, the hold of a loved one

In the lonely stroll, memory of a memory

Is it the overcast sky or

The spread of the wild

Every sound is profound, the purity of calm

Chirp of a living breaking the meditation

The walk goes on, in a journey sans destination

The ghosts of the past meet the fairy of future

Bygones struggle with the vision of uncertain

Memories are fading in the silhouette of apparition

Once upon a time, feeding happily ever creation

Sojourn resumes in the peck of a leaf

When travels epitomes the absence of grief

You meet yourself, in a loopy tourney

You find yourself, in the lost journey

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