Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj



Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj


The Freedom Lover

The Freedom Lover

3 mins

High in the mountains, it flew

Along with the waves of fresh air

Reciting a sing-song voice

As the universe was free at its feet.

The sky was shining with a golden glaze

And somewhere near the horizon

The clouds were kissing the ocean waters.

So good and placid was everything for it

And unaware of the surroundings

It did toss up and down along-with the

The direction of winds.

Suddenly two cruel human hands

Set an aim and brought down the freedom lover

To groundwater with sharp-edged stones,

With a wound on its breast

And blood oozing from the chest.

It flattered its wings in desperation.

Beating its wings on sharp-edged rocks,

It uttered a cry in despair.

Lying helplessly, losing its conscience

It was doomed, when suddenly

A sound hissed in its ears,

"you are dying, you have to dye"

It sighed in grief and thought,

"So soon must I die! No!

I have to live to taste the height of the skies

To toss with the blowing winds.

The joy is in the vast sky, again I shall fly"

With these thoughts, it was dooming

When another two hands lift it up,

Caressed it with passion and love,

The stranger was nothing less than

The creator Himself.

He found his new place in a small house

Near the open fields.

Showering care and love of the human hands

Caressed its bruised body.

Compassionate was the human soul,

Fed it, healed its wounds.

The bird was happy and was dreaming of

The heights of the sky when 

A new cage made its entry in the house.

The human hands quite compassionately

Placed the bird inside it.

The bird was shocked, its soul shattered.

It felt forlorn.

The human hand patted its back, offered it a meal

And settled the cage in the open area

To feel the freshness of the surroundings...

Alas! The bird cried in heart of hearts,

It was caged, how could it fly towards the high sky.

The sulking started, the bird felt drained day by day.

The human soul was shocked at the sight

Helpless to set the things right.

Suddenly his hands reached the cage

The small exit was opened,

He took out the bird, caressed it,

Kissed its head, and said,

"O you my companion of few days,

U gave me cheer in my loneliness,

I owe those beautiful moments to you.

Don't bother, feel free to fly,

Touch the heights of the sky.

Don't sulk, be happy.

The small home will always be open for you."

These words hit the bird deep in his heart

But the sky was calling it, could not stop!

The noble soul let the bird fly from his rooftop.

The bird flew high and high, flapping its wings

With frequency high.

 It was happy in the nearness of clouds.

As the dawn approached, the bird was thoughtful

He had no home, no friends, no family,

Where to go!

Deep in his soul, a pain aroused,

Those deep words resounded in his mind and soul.

Without wasting a second and with a big leap

It started flying fast and fast till

It found its new cage, in the same place,

With water and fruits in a small bowl inside.

It took a sigh of relief. Had his fill

And went to sleep.

Ah! What a relief, this is my home

Where I'm free to fly.

With no bindings, no expectations, no judgments

Life is like a free bird.

Love, passion, compassion are the stairs

To move on and fly high

The world may be enormous but the soul

Gets enriched when left free to think and act……….

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