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Hurry up! before its gone. Grab the BESTSELLERS now.



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280 days completed.

The embryo was inside the uterus,

First cry; the sphere seemed unimpeachable.

La-la Land, Shangri-la, Promised land,

Lives were embraced, lives were accepted.

Soon before the first light,

Something is changing,

Something ceased to be effervescent,

Something non-identical is astringent-ed,

Something prefabricating is executed,

Different from the old chestnuts have ever interpreted.

Plug into the throat,

Dwindle the voice,

Abolish the gesture,

Imprison the sight,

Terminate the march,

Dispatch the Talking Head.

Revolution against the policy is not a revolution apropos to the policy.

One shot, Two killed, Three assassinated;

Conquering Heroes make another promise

Adopting words from the expired ones,

A promise for the decades,

A promise for the centuries.

What affirmations they'd never made?

Some of them were gagged;

But the inceptions of the struggle persists however,

Budding ones bestowed with the gift,

Soon they learn to manoeuvre the nibs.

The incessant odyssey to authenticate

' A pen is mightier than the sword. '

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