Varsha Raj Jaisinghani



Varsha Raj Jaisinghani




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She is the best creation of God,

She is the woman performing multiples roles.

She is the real hero,

She is the spiritual soul.

She is a miraculous fortunate lamp,

She is the charming daughter.

She scatters the light with her presence,

She deserves a loud applauder.

She is a golden thread to one's life,

She is affectionate sister.

She is a friend, a counsellor and a partner of delights,

She is just like a early morning glister.

She is admired for a boundless love,

She is a supportive wife.

She is a confident,beautiful soul mate,

She is a sunbeams of husband's life.

She is the brightest star and apple of eye,

She is adorable mother.

She is goddess for every child,

She is a dusk on one hand and dawn on the other.

She is a paint brush for all sweet memories,

She is a great generous grandma.

She is a blessing and an angel inside out,

She is a fascinating panorama.

She is determined ,compassionate and strong,

She can hustle like a man.

She is an Unstoppable wave,


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