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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Ritika Agarwal



Ritika Agarwal




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I always dreamed to see myself from others perspective in order to know what they thought about me

Unknowingly being judgemental with my oneself

Ended up in making me a self destructor

My time was hard as nothing I could conquer

And my own insecurities initiated a big thorn in my heart

Self-disheartened & sense of hopelessness often left me in dilemma what I was really into (qualities)

Lack of love to me from my own side led me

To doubt my own potential

Felt obliged just on little considerations that I

Ignored the mean selfish intentions of people surrounding me in my life destinations

Was lost and trapped in thoughts of others

Not realizing that I surely possess something better than the other

Loads and loads of comparisons I made

Just to be considered and accepted in others ideal way

Alikeness is something we prefer all the time but it's so regretful when you lose your inner self

In the whole process behind.

But now when I value the existence of myself in life

I want to walk on the road which leads me to my magical mystery ride

The possession of finding my dream career often kills me inside

But now I have got enough patience to make it realize

Because I do know that I inhibit some beauty gift inside.

Which shows this is me not what you like.

Depression and anxiety engulfed me inside

Drifting me from something I wanted to choose all my life

Being so cruel & insensitive towards my life

I resisted achievements many a times

But now I wonder if I hadn't done those mistakes at that time,

Then would I be able to emerge as a bright star shining all through the night

So this is real me and I choose not to be alike.

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