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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Nikhil Maturi

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Nikhil Maturi

Children Stories Others

No Book, No Gain!

No Book, No Gain!

2 mins 12.2K 2 mins 12.2K

The smell and feel of the paper is enough to attract a reader

The idea that a lifetime's worth of knowledge can be obtained with a matter of hours of flipping and turning paper is much too great to give up on

Many despise the art of reading but once hooked its hard to leave

It is helpful once started but is a pain in the back for those who dislike

All readers like books

But their taste varies

All like different genres and they chose the type they like

If something is oblivious to you it is probably in a book

Lots of knowledge can be learned and captured from a book

Each book has heaps of knowledge and information

Every single page has oceans of information

It will show facts and data until you are filled with knowledge

Once you start it is like a freight train

It is hard to stop your passion for books

Your mind is clouded with thoughts of books

You will always have your nose stuck in the vast amount of pages in a book

Let it be Morning, Night or Noon books will surround you

You will never be without a book

When you are lonely a book will accompany you

When you are down a book will brighten your day

When you are bored it will cure you of your boredom

When you are Angry it will calm you down

When you are Stressed it will pacify you

When you're in Hard Times it brings you back up

Reading is the cure to everything

Eventually, It will be your Best Companion forever

So read for GLORY and SUCCESS

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