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Aasshok Sanki



Aasshok Sanki


Love Is Bad

Love Is Bad

2 mins

Why people always in search for love,

Why people demand for it,

Why people can't live without love,

Why people spend whole life in search of love,

Why all not get love that they deserve,

Why destiny does not favour to all,

Why we blame God for destitute,

Why our past karma affect our present life,

Why some say bad deed or karma result with punishment in this life, not next life

Sometimes I think as while world is hanging on gravitational force,

So what we want more we won't get,

And what we want less earlier we get such,

So stops demanding what you want,

Don't go with past karma or deed,

Don't go for good deed or bad deed,

It all just brings mental stress,

Do meditation and manifest for good life,

Automatic love will you nothing have to follow love,

Sometimes give break to all well wishing,

Sometimes give break to all good act for other with not expecting anything in return,

Years and years relationship result into breakup,

And with no reason, just one word partner is not of my choice, or he is rude, or just experiences is different,

Why girls or boys never get adjust even after whole years relationship,

It just because he or she gets more than one loves,

Then why we can't blame live for such breakup,

Loves always results in cries,

Loves who don't get their life is like hell,

So try to live without love,

Love doesn't bring all result into positive,

Or rather we blame it most destructive,

Talking to whole world all not get love from mother, brother, sister, father,

Think of them atleast,...... 

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