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radharani sharma



radharani sharma


Life Is So Strange

Life Is So Strange

1 min

Life is so strange, nothing stays the same,

Everyone changes,

But who to blame?

Life is a game,

Where you have to lose, because you can gain.

To win you have to face the fearful rain.

In life ... They always,


Don't use your heart,

Only use your brain.

In life there is love, but more is hate.

No one decides, they all hesitate,

And who knows the fate.

The closest people you need go away,

When you need them most,

You find them lost.

Day after day ,

Days go by, people are born... And other die,

Year after years,

No one understands, nothing is clear, nothing in our heart except fear.

Today you walk and talk,

Tomorrow you lay in your grave, and nothing it gave.

The money that you saved, and no use for your gold, when it won't be sold.

You have to be strong, stop doing the wrong, and never lie,

Be ready for your last goodbye.

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