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Life.. A Turning Point

Life.. A Turning Point

2 mins

That was the day... when I realized that yes everyone loves the way I am...

That was the day when I got to know that yes I am lucky as such these people are my friends

That was the day when I accepted that loving everyone is the basic manner

Yes that was the day when I was born

No complaints... No demands

Only love was there in my pure red heart

Life was going very smoothly... as like water was flowing through the plain hills

Caring was the best option at that time for me..

Even everyone caress... that too I see

Slowly and Steadily... Time fades away

Then I realized... There was only a one runway

A runway on which you have to move alone...

A runway where people guide u wrong but you have to move along..

Okay fine... now I was at the new stage

Little bit difficult but okay I could manage

No one loves you.. this is what I realized then..

You are no more lucky bcoz of these such people .. this is what I got to know

Loving is no more the basic manner... this is what I accepted now..

Yes this was the stage I am mature now

I then felt the turning point there..

No one loves.. No one cares

Ohh shitt .. whtever I felt ..those were the bloody nightmares

Thank god .. I finally woke up..

To be continued....

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