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Hurry up! before its gone. Grab the BESTSELLERS now.

Liberty, Anyone?

Liberty, Anyone?

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The chains of window got broken by the anarchic, invading sunlight

With half – closed eyes, woke up from deep slumber

My rotten, vitiated country.

Another new day

Another untimely death of a dream.

We are mute spectators of a gigantic, naked circus in the society

Newspapers are entertained daily with rapists, thugs, buffoons and merchants of religions.

TV screens are glowed by silky smiles of ad – girls, actors and politicians

Ready to sell the boxes of tailor – made lies, which we must colour to our wishes.

We are under attack today

Under attack is the LIBERTY.

Imperilled is my free thought:

Imperilled is my food habit:

Imperilled is my freedom of expression:

Imperilled is my source of conscience.

Still when a New Day arrives

Arrives a New Year –

My eyes catch the sight of soaring pigeons

Fearless, Worriless

Ready to raise a shout in the core of my baffled heart:


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