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In the grassy fields on a mundane evening night I go astray.
A gentle voice, a soft touch of the wind – “Would harmoniously betray!”
Thou, my beloved, would someday come, and I would courteously say…

Thou command I’d obey, lighting a lamp at her heart, and at night
Take off the garments I wear, give my soul and feelings to pray’r,
Adore my gorgeous lady, the air that I breathe, say…

The sun, beaming and burning…the love I have felt for you
All these years have given me “Hope” while I ponder at night,
Moon, shooting stars, Goddess of love, “Wish” and begging

Lush green fields, pleasing wind, fruitful trees,
Melodious song of birds, Asian and European, and a bee vibrating my ears,
A cool mist, smelling optimism and a warming breeze…

Fool – wise preacher – scholar, adolescent – adult
Slave or servant, lover or hater of creation’s lord,
Whose sword is directed by the words of wisdom and judgement…

The books of love, always reminded me of you, rested at my chest filled with of diamond
The saga of love, magical ardours, they have told –
Unlike me, peace, pure love, affection they have sold…

Farewell to my hope, to creations and creatures,
To beloved, with love
To the world I cherished my entire life with…
Farewell! Farewell! Farewell!

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