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The season of the colorful banners

Figures studded with eloquent manners

White, the kosher ensemble

The saints, they resemble

The tripe and the deft

The saffron, the green, and the Left

Propagate their ideas every week

Amongst the masses of the meek

The season of the symbols

Born out of treaties prone to wobbles

The season of the leaders

The ones, the highest bidders


The ones behind eight ball

The tangs of fall

Haunts their concocting minds

Remember the seasons they played blind

In this season of the choice

The leaders with a refined voice

Open up their magic box

Boneheads cheer as the leaders bluff and hoax.

The festive season arrives

The goons and the guns thrive

The votes

Bartered for the fancied notes

The season of the elections

Celebrated by every section


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