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Shweta Chaturvedi



Shweta Chaturvedi


Dreams On Sale

Dreams On Sale

2 mins

I have to sell some of my dreams

Is there any buyer???

No, really,

These are precious,

Beautifully dreamt with my eyes open.

Do they have any prices???

Let me know

If you want to buy,

May be you get them

At some discounted rate.

I have done a lot of sacrifices

Awoke up very hard in the nights

To store these dreams in my heart.

I have given a lot of time

And these days who's having time,

That to dream and to fulfil them.

I want to sell ​​them because

They are so fragile

And may break if not taken care of..

Anyways who dreams now,

Just competition has remained,

Life has become a race,

Everyone is running to be at first position.

Now we people deal for everything,

Love, friendship, relationships, apathy

Everything has a deal..

Dreams are also on every online shop

You get as you like them..

Tailored, Customised ..

Every social media has

Plenty of commercials for relationships

Thousands of friends are there

On one profile for free ..

Love grow so fast

And ends more swiftly..


That can be seen only in pictures

You may be happy to see them repeatedly,

But you can’t find that for real..

You can broadcast your Happiness,

Knowledge is ahead on WhatsApp

Everything is there on Google,

Your books, your teacher..

Tell me, Then why can I not sell my dreams

If you want to buy then say,

Call for specifications.

Or inbox

There is limited stock ...

Your well-wisher

Your conscience

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