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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

A Journey Of The World

A Journey Of The World

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I walked upon the face of earth, Rain showers cleared my way.

Singing and paddling I went on, for it was the happiest day.

I traversed across all countries; New Zealand, England, Austria.

Watched evergreen woods & deciduous trees, Finland, Poland, India.

Saw lush green farms, hay stacks, green bogs.

Tall tree, daffodils, polyathia, teak

Heard sheep’s bleat, & puppies yelp

Swallow’s twitter & mice squeak.

Ate luffa, apricot & carambola

Goose berry, durian and sapodilla.

Rambutan, langsat, fig, sauvignon

Mongosteen, blue berry & watermelon.

Saw sprouting buds and tender leaves

The loitering cows and tattered sheep.

The song of cuckoo on solitary tree

That stood erect in a cemetery.

The tombstones adorned with offerings

Garlands, candles, flowers– dear one’s bring.

Besides, I met a stark reality, in the world of beautiful things.

An old poor man with guilty, a moribund lady, squinting.

Parents weeping, children slain.

Misted future & efforts in vain.

People’s strife for buck and belly

Scuffle for land, plot or alley.

Molested girls who were ravished

Topped themselves, their life finished.

All around were wars & bloodshed

Half of the humans seem went mad.

Fire, bullets were played so hard

Tyrants survived, innocent were dead.

I thanked God for I was different

And with this thought I further went.

When I saw my shadow, it smirked

Narrated the truth, as it lurked.

“Thou journey’ll be waste if you can’t find

Thee also have in you a fiend”

The revealed truth was untoward

I have in me a demon, coward!

Purport:     So all my friend, let’s join our hand

Let’s eradicate hatred & evil spirits, from our inside

With willpower like an exorcist, each of us must fight.


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