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Dev Arbikshe

  Literary Captain

Rain, Rain Go Away

Children Others

A little poem to celebrate life.

1    1.3K 5

Go Forth , March On

Inspirational Others

This is an ode to those whom the world does not remembers . The warriors in everyday life. The messa...

1    7.3K 1

Bail Out

Inspirational Others

It talks about the enemy within and the fears which hold us back in life, almost pulling the reader ...

1    14.6K 4

Dear Kitty Cat


'Dear Kitty' is an ode to a kind but eccentric soul who is one of the most amazing people I have eve...

1    6.8K 2

Prometheus 2.O

Thriller Others

This poetry is a 360 degree turn to the story of Prometheus which describes his relationship with th...

1    7.1K 2

If I Were

Abstract Others

The grass is greener on the other side.

1    1.2K 6

The Inner Voice

Inspirational Others

This poem is an attempt to convince the reader to rise above his/her fears and embrace their own pat...

1    6.9K 3

फ़कीरा दे ख़्वाब


बच्चा नहीं है वो ,  जो इस ज़िन्दगी  की  दौड़ में , इस खेल में फँस जाऐ - देवेन्द्र सहरावत    

1    6.8K 5