Happily Ever After-Her Mindset

Happily Ever After-Her Mindset

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And they lived happily ever after.

That’s where fairytales end and real life begins. I was the princess of my own fairytale, who needed no prince charming till I was made to believe, I do.

“So, someone’s in love”, Ankush teased

“I couldn’t find a reason to say no” I almost cried

“Then, I don’t see a problem. You need to marry someone and he seems like a nice guy.”


“Hey, what happened to Ria I used to know?” He said, “Is there something bothering you?”

“No, just that I am scared” I lied

I lied because I had already made my decision and wasn’t looking for advice. I lied because I didn’t have the courage to call off the marriage.

So, I married my Prince charming to deal with lies, fights, ignorance and other issues while pretending a happily ever after on facebook.

“What keeps you in office for 16, 18 even 24hours.” I complained

“You need to understand dear, I am new in this company. I need to prove myself.” He replied

“I hope you understand you are new to this household as well”

“But, you know how much I love you” He hugged me and I just smiled back

“Your friend insulted me. If you can’t take a stand, allow me to stand for myself” I was furious.

“I don’t have control over him. You should understand” He calmed me down.

“Are you telling me the truth?” I was suspicious

“Why would I lie? You need to trust me.”

“Fine, I take your words for it.” I knew I had trust issues and he can’t be paying for it lifelong.

 After eight years of married life, I find out he was lying to me all along and he still might be. Not that I caught some big lies or he hasn’t apologized, but how do I trust him about anything now..? I haven’t been the best wife either but I was honest.

After eight years, two kids and loss of my independence, I still don’t have courage to call it off. So, we are still searching for our happily ever after… together. 

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