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The Unusual Soulmate
The Unusual Soulmate

© Shruthi Venkat


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Jyoti woke up and sat upright on her bed. She looked around and searched for him. Where was he? Has he still not come home? Her head was still aching from the shock. What was it that she had heard?

She got up and ran towards the window. Was it him? She calmed down for a second and tried to listen to any further noises. She heard a faint click at the door. Someone was opening the door. She ran out of the room and saw him at the door. Ravi was back.

It has been a year since she been living with Ravi.

Jyoti ran towards Ravi. Ravi looked at her and in one swift motion lifted her in his arms and kissed her on the forehead. How beautiful it was to her. Being with Ravi made her feel very secured.

... It was a hot summer day at the park and Jyoti was sitting in a corner looking at each passerby hoping for someone to notice her and her companion. Jyoti was in despair. Her friend was not well and she had been lying in that corner for a long time. She ran around frantically trying to get the attention of the people walking around the park. No one seemed to notice her.  She became so desperate that she could not control it anymore. She let out a deep howl. Suddenly she saw him. He saw her. They locked eyes for a moment. He ran towards Jyoti and when he came closer he saw her companion lying lifeless on the grass. He immediately picked her up and ran out of the park. Jyoti followed him.

Jyoti was overjoyed. All her pain and despair had vanished instantly. She had met the most kindest human being in this world. Out of all the people in this world here was the only person who had cared to look down at them. Something she had never seen before. Outside the clinic she stood there waiting for him . He walked out of the room and looked at her thoughtfully. For a moment he stood there staring at her and then he walked up to her and picked her up. For the first time in her life,

She barked a joyful bark and wagged her tail happily for this kind human being. He kissed her on the forehead and looked into her big eyes.

"will you come home with me, Jyoti?"


Ravi locked the door and entered his bedroom. He sat on his bed and lifted Jyoti up and placed her on his lap. He slowly started running his hands through her shiny hair. 


.... It had been a very stressful week for him. Ravi was a Police Officer. Life had always been tough for him and of late he had also  started working night shifts since all the police officers were required to stay and take care of the navaratri festival processions happening in the city. Ravi used to be a very active and fun loving person during his school days. However life had totally changed for him after joining the police forces. 

It was 6 in the morning and he was slowly jogging around the park. The sun had almost risen as it was summer and he was sweating profusely just after two rounds around the park. 

He suddenly heard a high pitched howl from near the grass patch at the corner of the park. He turned around immediately. He saw a tiny puppy whimpering and he immediately ran towards it. Lying on the grass patch was a bigger dog horribly stoned and mutilated. Blood was flowing from it's ears, nose and legs. The dog was in a terrible state. 

He looked around trying to figure out what to do. He immediately lifted the dog and ran out of the park. Thankfully there was a veterinary clinic down the road. He carried the bleeding dog in his arms to the clinic with the little puppy tailing behind him.

He carried it inside the clinic and placed it on the table. The doctor immediately rushed towards it and a lady, who looked like an assistant to the doctor,  started cleaning the wounds. He sat on the corner stool and he watched as the doctor gave it an injection. The doctor stared at the dog for one long minute. He slowly looked up at Ravi and gave him a defeated look. 

Ravi nodded his head. He felt very bad for the dog. He was upset. It was a strange feeling . 

He slowly walked out of the room. He suddenly heard a bark from near the gate. He looked up. It was the puppy. The puppy was so happy to see him. It was wagging it's tail at him and was barking at him. A feeling of guilt surged through his body. He walked up to the puppy and gently lifted her. He looked into those deep black eyes. The puppy looked into his. 

"Will you come home with me, Jyoti? ", he asked.

Jyoti was snoring on his lap. It was a very a soft noise that made him smile every time he heard it. He slowly lifted her and placed her on the bed. He lied down next to her and turned off the night lamp. 

"Goodnight Jyoti", he gently whispered into her ears. 

"woof", replied Jyoti. 


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