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Let’s Change The Window Design
Let’s Change The Window Design

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It had been sometime that the construction work had completed at Meera's flat. It was her new room after all and there were too many expectations with the decorations in the room. For long, masons kept coming for all the cementing and various other activities. But, they could not fix the position of chimney next to the balcony as it was irremovable. The chimney continued to keep the vicinity perennially polluted and chaotic. Laborers suggested a change in the window design as an idea to avoid the pollution. It was the least they could suggest but it did not guarantee any relief. Meera thought of shifting her base so many times keeping the health hazards in mind but then buying a house all over again was not that easy!

In the process, Meera did not realize that a small bird was also making a dwelling for itself. The nest was in underconstruction phase near the chimney. Not sure what species did it belong to, she noticed later that each day, it would bring a twig and add to make a small nest. The granular design details kept her awe-struck for a while. Meticulously created, she envied the architecture to that of her flat.

"Birds have wings; they're free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility many people envy." - Roger Tory Peterson

Meera reminiscing the lines noticed the miniature castle, she strictly commanded the laborers to avoid breaking the nest and make sure the bird’s eggs were not destroyed. Meanwhile, she got busy in settling her things in the new room and the masons continued doing the finishing touch. It was laborers’ last day at work after a hectic schedule of six months. Once Meera was done, she thought of checking the whereabouts of the nest and see if any offsprings came into the world.

She walked in and found it missing. Surprised and sad, she tried searching it in the nearby areas. Masons came and said, "Madamji, the bird stopped coming after some days when you got busy with the settlement. In the meantime, we saw the offsprings screaming. Thought of telling you but those died too. Kya karein? (What to do) Lot of polluted air keeps coming this way. We suggest you to think about the window design again.”

Meera kept mum.

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