Song of Black and Colours

Song of Black and Colours

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She closed the brown door and hung her peach dress on the silver hook. She opened the blue lid of the toothpaste and pushed the red paste on the yellow bristles of her ivory brush. She opened her pink lips and cleaned her white teeth meanwhile her black iris admired the brown flower designs on the cream tiles. She stood under the golden shower,turned the rust covered knob and waited for the aqua to cleanse her wheatish skin. Her hands found the magenta soap case and rubbed the green soap all over her body.

Power went off and the tubelight stopped illuminating the room.

She stood in the middle of the room engulfed with darkness. Tak.. tak.. tak.. Sound of the footsteps, over the ceiling knocked her ears. She opened her ears to let that sound enter her brain . The sound amplified her fear and resisted her intelligence. She shut her eyes very fast and let her thoughts to travel back to Demonte Colony (a haunted place in Chennai) that she visited the previous day. She opened her eyes to reach the door to run outside. The photo of the demonte’s house flashed in front of her retina. She rubbed her hand against the black wall to find the black knob of the black shower. She felt that she is not alone in the room and decided to bath soon and leave. She followed the sound of the water dropping on the black floor from the black shower and walked slower watching each steps. She bumped on the wall, screamed and crawled back towards the corner. She heard her heartbeat screaming for help. She opened her eyes wide just to see black color all over. She felt like the world is engulfed by darkness and all the colors were gone forever. She heard someone talking outside and ran towards the voice. She searched the door by tapping the wall and finally grabbed the black knob of the black door.

Electricity brought the tube-light back to life. Light spreaded it’s kindness all over the room.

She dressed herself in peach, inserted her silver key in her purple scooty and drove under the blue sky kissing the orange rays from the sun. She traveled among the trees which made her honey eyeball reflect green. She reached the destination and holding the turquoise pen, signed blue and came out of the eye donation hospital.

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