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Fear & Hope
Fear & Hope

© Swati Tyagi


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I looked at her. She has been sitting there for hours gazing into zero. A lot has happened in past one year and I had not left her alone for a moment.

The organization she worked for was running at loss and I made sure she spent each waking moment worrying about her job. Although, her husband assured he could take care of the finances, it didn’t help much. Then, one fine day, I came out to be true. She was fired.

She turned to her father for solace. He had been her emotional support system since when she can remember. But, before she could start feeling better, her father suffered a heart attack. This was my opportunity. I crept into her life once again. Now, she was fearful, she might lose him. Her father died. She was devastated, but her husband was there to wipe off her tears.

Life is really harsh sometimes. She was looking for another job when her husband’s business doomed and they went bankrupt. As if that was not enough trouble, her husband met an accident and was struggling for life.

Outside the OT she is still sitting in the same position, fearing the bad news from doctor. I have already started feeling sorry for her. I have made my decision, it’s time for sacrifice. Doctors came outside, to give her the news of her husband’s demise.

With her husband I also dying, hope was born.

23 years later, she would be sitting in her bungalow narrating this story to her daughter. She would end it by saying “When I had everything I lived with fear of losing it. When I lost everything, I found hope.”

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