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Another Voice Was Killed
Another Voice Was Killed

© Sravani Katta


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She is also a human being just like you and me. She also has her own dreams and aspirations. She too has a pretty smile and a belief in life. Why did this have to happen to her? This is not the first time incidence of such brutal rape has taken place in India. Why are we not talking about this? Why are rapes still happening in our country? Just because raping a woman is normal in our society? If you can't read what I've written in this post then once imagine yourself in her place. Can you imagine yourself being tortured till you're dead? Can you imagine yourself in a pool of blood? Can YOU??

Is it a curse to take birth as a girl? Is being a girl a punishment? Yesterday in west Bengal, today in Kerala and tomorrow in?? Grow up men. She (women) is not an object, not a toy and not an animal. That you can play with when you're bored. Yeah, we are now in modern age, right... No No sorry in the digital age, right? Yeah, we live in a modernized world, we are sophisticated. Upon seeing these things, do you still believe that you are living in a modern world? That you are sophisticated? We (the youth) are the future of tomorrow...Without women, this world can’t progress. I wonder how does one can say this ? When you are not even able to protect her. Not able to treat her with the respect and dignity she deserves and, you say we are the future. 


“The day woman can freely walk on the roads at night, that day we can say India has achieved independence” Haha funny. Now, women can't even walk freely in her own house, her own town, her own workplace let alone the misfortune of destined lucid roads.

 So have we achieved independence? Wake up, men. Wake up..! Change your mindset towards women. How many candle light marches? How many Nirbhaya’s? How many Jisha’s? How many marches? Will it take?

 Women are building blocks of society, crimes against women are crimes against society.

Today, as a woman, I feel ashamed of you, India. In a country where men like savages, ravishers are can candidly surviving by using their power.

P.S: Am not talking about ALL the men. Hope you understand :)

Another voice was killed by a cruel ravisher.

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