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Sweet Memory Or Just A Memory?
Sweet Memory Or Just A Memory?

© Tanu Budhihal

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Once a girl from a village went to a big city with her family, she was so excited as finally her dreams came true. They were roaming and traveling all over the city. As a part of traveling the entire family step into the bus and the girl was sitting alone and enjoying her travel. Beside her a boy came and then it's all started. 

Boy initiates his talk..

Boy: Hello ,what's your name?  

Girl: Hi ,I am Anwi.

And the conversation started, boy asked about all her past, present and shared his too.. 

With in minutes they became well known to each other.. 

And her stop came, while leaving also he greeted her and gave a decent sendoff, they went and both returned to their paths. 

After few years, this incident disturbed the girl as even though she knew all about him, she didn't know his name and she never tried to ask at that time. And now she wants to know about him but she cannot. 

It just became a sweet memory for the rest of her life.

Finally whenever she remembers this incident two things will automatically come. First is a cute smile on her face and a guilt as she never made an effort to ask his name. 

So, there will be nothing like a correct time as the time comes take a move.

Never ever wait for time and live the present.

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