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If you are a Virgo, you will understand why perfection is so important for us. Since as long as I can remember, I never settled down for anything less than perfect. In school, not only my report card but I made sure my best friend’s report card also is filled with A+. As a teenager, my dresses, night-outs, food everything had to be perfect.

But, perfection demands lot of effort, which I was always willing to put into. I would practice my piece whole night for a two minutes stage performance in annual function. I mean, perfect stage performance. I would plan my two days vacation carefully for a month, with plan B and plan C in case something went wrong with plan A.

As time passed, I chose my life partner, not to mention she was perfect till she announced her pregnancy. We were living in a rented apartment and were going through some financial problems. I was planning to switch my job therefore this was not a perfect time for baby. I tried to reason but my wife wanted this baby more than anything.

The only option left was to make this perfect. Therefore, I worked 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. On Saturdays, I went shopping for nursery. Sundays were booked for research on best parenting techniques. Meanwhile, my wife thought I am crazy.

“I feel western approach is better. Every child is different. Let them enjoy their differences rather than forcing them to be best”

“Sure they are. Asian approach is too stressful.”

“Good. We are in agreement.” I was happy.

“I am afraid we are not. I would hate to see my child as a quitter.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Western approach is not pushing kids to their limits which results in high number of high school drop-outs. I want to see my baby excel in college, live life just like it’s father.”

“Don’t you think high stress can lead to psychological problems?”

“According to statistics, western countries have higher number of reported depression/anxiety cases.”

“I guess you are right. Would you prefer Asian approach?”

“Are you crazy? Have you taken a look at suicide rates? I want my baby to be alive when he/she graduates high school.” She widened her eyes.

After a while she hugged me, breaking the silence.

“Come on darling. Parenting is a journey with lots of learning to do. We are bound to make mistakes. Let us just enjoy this moment now and celebrate our baby.”

“Have you lost your mind? Its our baby and there is no room for any mistake.” I buried myself in the search of perfection again.

Finally, the day arrived. I took her in arms for the first time. She was hardly five minutes old yet perfect. The nursery, parenting techniques and everything that I had planned in nine months seemed insignificant compared to this tiny creature. I realized how imperfect my life had been without her.

“Her complexion is dull and her eyes seem too tiny for her face.” My wife smiled.

I was too happy to say anything and this happiness was perfect. Imperfections didn’t matter anymore.

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