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Death And The Actress

Death And The Actress

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The actress settled herself on the steps in the porsche with a glass of juice. There was a discomfort in her body but she was not sure exactly what the problem was. She was getting old, she said to herself. Her husband and her daughter were still in the wedding reception room talking to the host and other guests. She had excused herself saying that she was feeling a bit weird and wanted fresh air.

She took slow sips at a time, she was feeling a bit better now. And then she saw a young, handsome man walking towards her. He smiled at her and sat on one of the steps, next to her.

‘You look beautiful.’ He smiled.

‘Thank you.’ She responded.

‘You are a hero. Must be an upcoming one. Because I have not seen you before.’


‘What a pity! You are so handsome. You will make a fine one.’

He laughed.

‘Mostly I play the role of villain in people’s lives.’ He said with a wink.

‘That is bad. An enchanting villain.’ She took another sip from her half-emptied glass. She asked him, ‘So, what do you do?’

‘I am a thief. The greatest robber.’

‘Aaaah. You are. Stealing hearts of young girls and older women too.’ She smiled now winking at him.

‘I do not steal hearts. I steal much more precious thing than that.’

‘Is it? What are you? An international robber?’

‘You can say that. A great thief across worlds, across realms.’

‘Hmm. And what do you steal Mister? I got almost 30 lacs jewellery on my body. You can have that?’

‘I said I steal something more valuable than heart and money.’

The actress laughed, ‘I must be drunk.’

The thief responded, ‘You are not.’

The actress was irritated now. ‘So steal what you have come for. Go ahead and be done with it.’

‘I steal life.’

The actress was startled now. She glared at the young man who was talking in puzzles.

‘You heard it right. I steal LIFE. I am DEATH.’

The actress now laughed. She laughed so much that her eyes filled with tears. And the discomfort in her heart started to grow.

‘Hi. Death. And may I ask why you are having this little conversation with me when you were supposed to drain the life out of me.’ She took another sip.

‘Because. I like you. I admire you. What a life you had. Glorious. Grand. You never once were shaken. You fell. You rose. You grew stronger. You scattered love. You lived. And very beautifully.’

The words from the young man now made the actress very emotional. Tears rolled down from her cheeks. She said, ‘No one said that to me till now. Well, thanks for the compliment. It was the biggest compliment of my life.’

The smile on the young man’s face disappeared and he spoke in a cold, emotionless tone, ‘Time to go. To a different place. You are done here.’

And as he said, he disappeared.

The actress was shocked. The discomfort in her chest grew. It reached her throat. She tried to drink the leftover juice from the glass but the glass slipped and rolled down the steps sprinkling the juice everywhere. She felt a lump in her throat and an ache in her heart. She was unable to breathe her eyes blurred.

The last thing she saw in front of her eyes was the smile of that young man. Indeed, he was death. She closed her eyes and accepted death as gracefully she had accepted and lived her life.

A small tribute to the actress Sridevi who has left her mortal body, RIP.

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