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A Shared Adventure

A Shared Adventure

2 mins 652 2 mins 652

We made the decision together to

Wander down a new road

One that neither of us had yet traveled on

So I didn't stop for

The man with two white dogs

And the road didn't go where

I thought it would, at all

We saw lots of nice little houses

Out in the country

And dinosaur bones lying

In a hay field

Age old oak groves stood

Everywhere there wasn't a field

And we drove on aimlessly

Without a destination

Asphalt rolling away

Under our tires

Till we had to stop for gas

Somehow the road had led us

Down the same street

You lived on as a kid

But you didn't want to stop

Then you drove the truck after

I drank too many beers

A reckless old family tradition

You didn't know it, but

I jealously admired the care and

The responsibility you showed me

Malt liquor made me mean

I regret it now and I'm sorry

Our friend soon gave us a reason

To be driving around that night

So we changed the direction of travel

He and I rode in the back

With the cold, the wind and the rain

We laughed and jeered all the way

While you sped down the highway

Mad at me. Radio-loud. Baby sleeps.

Our lives, in your grip upon the wheel

A safe journey was promised and kept

Drunk now I have only bad ideas

Cheap booze forgot much of the night

I left to gamble and get high got back late

You took us home then crawled into bed

I stayed up all night writing you a poem

It was cold. I smoked pot on a soda can

Dawn lit the grey world before I came in

I kissed you in your sleep and kept writing

Wondering if you'd like the poem. Doubting

Myself all the time. I finished and read it to you

You said you Loved it. I read it thousand times

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