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Participate in 31 Days : 31 Writing Prompts Season 3 contest and win a chance to get your ebook published



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 On a stormy night of 4th of July,

When nature struck and men refused to comply,

A baby girl was born to a young couple,

Whose happiness beamed like fireflies.

Growing up in Kolkata in a traditional Bengali family,

She was overwhelmed with life and continued her days happily.

Her joys knew no bounds when a family of three grew into four,

And her brother's arrival intrigued her more.

The next stage of her life started in Mumbai,

Where a young girl of mine had to pass her anxious days by.

But soon this city engulfed her life,

And she began to explore her worthwhile.

From excelling in education to fondness for music,

Her interests spreading wings in reading about the world and a variety of cuisines.

The turmoil period of adolescence confused her thoughts for a while,

But the added aspiration of law kept her afloat all the time.

As fate would have it another way, she started aspiring for engineering,

But her dreams of advocating goodness still kept steering.

Machines and motors mesmerised her,

And so electrical engineering suited her.

The four years of engineering tested her in ways,

But constant support of her family kept her steady always.

Friendship of those days, she still earns for those years,

The laughter of stupid jokes and last minute submission cringing still rings in her ears.

Crying throughout the night due to heartbreak,

Made her weak but she realised her mistakes.

With constant love and support from her well-wishers,

She pursued her dreams and contradicted her haters.

The little joys in life like a street side chaat still makes her happy,

Her childishness and innocence can lift someone's mood which is crappy.

With an aspiration to advocate fighting spirits,

She stepped her foot into DISQ's limits.

Being a probashi Bengali, she believes in the soil of Bengal,

Her identity may vary but her heart beats for all.

You may be intrigued as though who am I talking about?

It is me, Rishita, feeling honoured to share my story with you standing stout.

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