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Please Tell Me Truth

Please Tell Me Truth

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Please tell us new things, do what you want to do oh! my daughter. Please tell us the truth we want to listen to you.

When things go dark in your life and if you don't see any other way. Come to us and please say us the truth we want to listen to you.

I know you are grown up. And now a conversation, which we do is very few. But remember we will forever be with you. Please tell us the truth I want to listen to you. 

When you can't express what you feel. When you cry at night When things don't seem right hug us tight and please say our truth we will listen to you.

Don't care about your marks. Come to us we will talk about scars and cuts on your hands which we saw. For expressing your problems there is no punishment there is now law.

When you are unable to find a clue Come to us and say our truth we want to listen to you.

What you are facing directly u say without worry. Life is long my daughter there is nothing to hurry. Hold on for now. We are going to stay with you In all good and bad days. So shine bright like sun rays. See that sky and take a view. Remember Your parents want to listen to you we will be here for you.

You are beautiful and smart we are always proud. Don't let your life affect the dark clouds so come to us and say our truth we want to listen to you.

And we won't judge you this time we promise to be kind. Come to us and say it all opening your mind. 

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