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Away From Home
Away From Home

© Nikhil Sharma


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It gives you freedom, you are at your own

It is about your life, decisions of your own

You want to be like a free bird, wander free in the limitless sky

No one questions you, about your whereby

It seems you have the license to roam

When you are 'Away from home'

You have ambitions, and desire to succeed

Tireless your efforts are and victory becomes your weed

All these allures you for a short time

But there is something missing even when you are at your prime

Happiness which is missing

When you are 'Away from home'

You eat pizzas, burgers, and the fast food

This is now when you miss your mother and her food

There are friends with whom you can cheer, but there is no father, Whose scolding you can hear

Your every celebration misses a charm

When you are 'Away from home'

Skype, mail, phone calls all are in vain

Hug of your sister is the moment of refrain

You miss the cricket match at roof with young brother

Someone to whom you can lose and you will least bother

You miss those cuddles, fights, and kisses

When you are 'Away from home'

You want to be near to your mother and sleep in her lap,

But you just look at her photograph as she is at 1000 miles gap

Festivals are dim and the silence creeps in

And you have to be strong as being weak is a sin

You are the pillar of strength and hence, you need to work hard

You have everything but the happiness is missing

When you are 'Away from home'

#poetry #nostalgia

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