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Transition Into Motherhood

Transition Into Motherhood

4 mins

"Mother" itself is a complete 'word' can also be defined as 'world' as she is the embodiment of eyes through which the child sees the world. She is the most beautiful creature created by God, and it has been elegantly put in words that “God could not be everywhere, so he created mother”, I understood the artistry of these simple words after becoming a mother. My story is about transition from a happy go lucky girl to a mother, the journey cannot be described in words but I have tried my best to pen my odyssey.

Back in the day before I got married, life was going good, things were sorted, everything was taken care of by family thus granting me the freedom to be a free bird and wield my magic wand to create my dream world and I was viewing the world through a lens which had an endless color spectrum, vision towards life was dreamy and fluffy; I was happy, brimming with energy, carefree and full of passion to explore the world and then suddenly “BOOM” – I met my man!

I and my husband are happily married and have ambitious plans for excellence in our respective professions. After a couple of years of marriage we mutually decided that the time had arrived for addition in the family and we started planning for it, the thought of becoming a mother was exciting and exhilarating, my mind was full of new feelings which I had never experience earlier. My perception towards life was changing by the second and professional goals were shown the bench. To my astonishment I actually started dreaming about babies and then finally I was blessed with the boon and the journey began. The sensation of creation of a new life within my body cannot be described in words, that day I felt complete and understood the true meaning womanhood; this was my first step of transition towards motherhood.

Believe me; it was an amazing emotional moment. I was curious for the arrival of my angel but one has to pass the test of time and nature. So, I started preparing myself for upcoming challenges, I decided to make my transition journey memorable starting from day one to judgement day, I wanted to capture all the moments en route and started preparing for it. As days progressed I realised that bringing a new life in this world in not that easy and simple. I faced many challenges like gaining weight, swollen legs, mood swings and at times bouts of depression. The only thought which gave me strength to overcome all these trials was that there is little bundle of joy growing inside me, my confidence level was touching the sky, I felt enthralled and dreamy all the time, life playing a unique set of music filled with happiness which only I could hear. The path to motherhood is truly an out of the world experience.

My perspective about life, emotions and thought process slowly started gaining the characteristics of a mother, life was changing at a rapid pace, my senses had become attuned to capture the slightest change in environment. This transformation gave me a new vigor, confidence to face adversities and a sense of responsibility. Finally, after a long wait arrived the moment of truth and I was blessed with a baby girl, without any doubts I can claim that it was the most memorable day of my life. Despite of all the physical pain, I was floating in the clouds with joy, and when I held my little fairy in my arms for the first time I was speechless and teary eyed. My transition period had reached its final stage and I had been rewarded with “Motherhood", life had taken a turn for good in blink of an eye. My daughter is two years old now, she has brought such happiness in joy in my life unexplainable, and despite being a toddler she continues teaching me new lessons about life. I have come to believe that "Being a mother is the zenith of human life".

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