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The Value Of Hardwork

The Value Of Hardwork

3 mins

Once in a small village, there lived a boy named Fred and his father. Fred used to waste money for fun and because of this habit, his father was worried about his money and also his son going haywire. Tired of his Fred’s irresponsible behavior, one day his father thought of an idea to mend his son’s way.

 The next day he told Fred “If you don’t earn at least one rupee, you won’t get food to eat today”, then Fred went to his mother and said, “ Mom can you give me one rupee” out of love his mother immediately gave him one rupee. When he gave the rupee to his father, father asked him “drop that rupee in the well”. He did as his father said. His father immediately understood that someone has given him the rupee, and it can be none other than his mother.

The next day the father sent his wife to her mother’s place and again gave Fred the same task to earn one rupee. Having no one to give him money now, he had to earn it on his own. Fred went to the market but could not find any work. Tired and exhausted, he sat on a street and started crying.

After awhile a passerby saw him crying and asked “what happened dear?

He replied “my father has asked me to earn one rupee or else I’ll not get food to eat”,

 “Hmm, I see!!!”The man exclaimed. He said” if you take my bags till my house then you’ll earn some money”, The boy got happy at the thought of earning money and immediately said, “of course I will do it, sir”.

Fred lifted the bag on his head and took it all the way till the man’s house. The House quite far off from the market, after he completed the task, the man gave him 10 rupees. Though his head was paining due to the heavyweight he carried, Fred was super happy and excited to get much more money than his father asked him to earn.

He ran back to his home and showed the money that he had earned. Father again said, “drop that rupee in the well”.

Now Fred got annoyed and said, “ No way, I will not throw the money, I have worked hard to earned this money”. Father was happy as he understood that Fred has actually worked hard and realized the value of hard work and money.

He patted his son and asked, “what did you learn from what happened today?

Son sheepishly replied “yes papa, I understood that it is easy to waste money but takes lot of hard work to earn it. I will never waste money now”.

Father had made Fred understand that earning money needs a lot of hard work and effort without punishment or a lecture.

It is not only money but earning even respect, knowledge, manners and self-discipline also require efforts and hard work!!!

MORAL -“respect the earnings of hard work and efforts.”

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