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Prashant Subhashchandra Salunke

Children Stories Comedy Classics


Prashant Subhashchandra Salunke

Children Stories Comedy Classics

The Story Of today’s Sudama

The Story Of today’s Sudama

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A poor Brahmin was talking about Krishna Lila in the temple. Suddenly when it comes to Sudama and thought comes to his mind, he is as poor as Sudama of mythology was and just as that Sudama had a friend Lord Krishna was a friend of his, he too had a rich friend named Kishan. And the funny thing was that our poor Brahmin was also named Sudama out of coincidence! Sudama wondered why not to repeat the history and he went to Kishan Sheth's house and tried his luck with him. God Knows just like the mythological Sudama he becomes wealthy too! Thinking of this, he arrived at his wealthy friend's house with dried rice. The watchman standing at Kishan Sheth's door stopped him, and then he said with an attitude in his voice, "Go to your Kishan Sheth and say that his friend Sudama has come to see him.

Now that Kisan was a bit superstitious, he had read in the morning newspaper that if a Brahmin suddenly comes to your house then you would get a lottery of money so as soon as the watchman came and told him about Sudama he became very happy listening to that. He ran to meet Sudama fearing that he might not run away being upset. When Sudama saw his friend running, he was very happy in his heart. He saw towards the feet of his friend Kishan Sheth and he was running barefooted to meet him, just like Lord Krishna of mythology. Seeing this, Sudama's happiness doubled, and he felt that history is being repeated itself

Kishan Sheth took Sudama to his bungalow with great respect. Thinking that keeping Brahmin happy, Kishan Sheth asked for aromatic water in a plate and washed his feet with that water and cleaned it from one end of his kurta. Sudama closed his eyes and thought, "Literally history is being repeated today" and with this thought, Sudama smiled.

Seeing Sudama smiling, Kisan Sheth thought that his devotion had made brahmin happy and now he is going to get rich! Now Sudama thought that he gave the dry Rice to him so that he would be rich as soon as possible. Then Sudama thought, "let's give him dry Rice shyly just like Sudama of gave in mythology to Lord Krishna feeling ashamed and, so I will also give Kishan Sheth the Rice only being ashamed!"

It was lunchtime, and Sudama sat down to eat. His Plate was filled with a variety of dishes. Sudama ate the Paneer tikka up till his stomach was full. After the meal, Sudama started to feel sleepy. Kisan Seth made a velvet seat for him.

As Sudama was about to go to sleep, then Kishan Sheth asked for the intention of getting something like the one-sided Rudraksha or Shivling, "Sudama did you not bring me any presents"??

Hearing this question of Kisan Sheth, Sudama jumped with joy and thought, "Oh man, history is being repeated today"

Sudama shrugged and patted his hollow hand deliberately as if hiding something. Seeing this, Kishan Seth was intrigued. He asked, "What are you hiding Sudama?"

Sudama replied, "You and Murali used to fight a lot for my dry rice. One day, you ran away from my hands with my dry rice and Murali ran behind you for my dry rice! Remember that? For my dry rice, you used to give me your delicious Tiffin."

Kisan Sheth tried to remember, but he wasn't able to recollect much!

Kisan Sheth still lied for the happiness of the Brahmin deity: "Yes... Yes... remember, but what have you brought now?"

Sudama put the basket forward: "These are your favorite dry rice".

Kisan Sheth gave two or four abusive words in this mind, but according to the newspaper's instructions, Brahmin's heart was not to be offended. So he started to eat the dried rice and while eating he asked, "where do you live now? "

The only thing Sudama had to do was wait for him to eat dried rice, ask him abt his problems like Lord Krishna in mythology and change his destiny just like what happened to Sudama in mythology!

Sudama said "This is a cottage away from here. I live there"

Kisan Sheth's throat was not able to gulp down the dried rice.

Kisan Seth then asked again " Sudan isn't all good at home?"

How will his luck change if Kisan Seth does not eat dried rice? That was the thinking. Sudama said, "Friend, how can all be good unless you eat the dry rice! Friend, you are not eating my rice?"

Kisan Seth had to eat the dried rice out of pity with that Sudama started to tell him his troubles one by one. Kisan Sheth while listening to Sudama's troubles swallowed all the rice without any problem! The rice was over but Sudama's troubles were not ending! Sudama thought in his mind, it would have been better if he had brought more rice into the bottle and Kisan Sheth drank water and thought “couldn’t he bring less rice!”

Kisan Sheth asked to hear his troubles "Sudama Do you need any help?"

Sudama said in a humble tone "No friend, you have eaten my dry rice and all my troubles are gone"

Kisan Seth did not understand his point. Now Sudama wanted to early return home and see his fate. So he was ready to go home immediately?

When he was leaving to go home.

Kisan Sheth spoke up "Sudama Wait ..."

Sudama paused

Kisan Sheth approached him and said, "Remember Sudama you liked my Tiffin's vegetables very much and for that, you used to call me by that name with love."

When Sudama stressed on his brain, he remembered that in school they used to call him pumpkin. Recalling this, Sudama immediately said "yeah mate, we all used to you by saying 'pumpkin.. pumpkin We used to call you that. But now I have to return home soon and said I don't want to eat pumpkin

Kisan Sheth laughed at it and said, "I am giving you the pumpkin of my garden. You go home and cook it. Take it to your home

(Both laugh)

Kisan Sheth's servant brought a large pumpkin and placed it in Sudama's hands!

Pumpkin was very large and was not being handled by Sudama. Seeing this, the wife of Kisan Sheth said, "If brother Pumpkin is not being handled by you then keep it here we would in the evening make something." Seeing that pumpkin was taken by Sudama at free, Kisan Sheth's miser wife was burning, Sudama smiled and looked at Kisan Sheth and said, "Bhabhi, you have this pumpkin... I mean there are so many Pumpkins in the garden. This is a gift my friend gave me. This is His love! "

Kisan Sheth said in satire "Do not throw away my gift on the way!"

Just then a servant ran and said, "Sheth from years the case of land that was stuck in court has been decided today."

Sheth asked, "What decision has come?"

The servant yelled happily "We won the case!"

Kisan Sheth said by bowing down his two hands and said, "Helped a friend. God gave me fruit of helping to Brahman."

Sudama smiled and thought in his heart "what a miser he said! By giving this crappy pumpkin, it considers it a donation!"

I think he got out of there. Happily, he began to take more steps of his home; he had full faith in his heart that today history will be repeated before his eyes.

Kisan Sheth was eating his rice, would his hut become a palace? When a person walks in thoughts he does not know when the road was over, he was just a short distance from his destination. Just a short distance away from his house.

Sudama was going to get answers to all his questions.

Will history be repeated?

Hut or palace?

The same broken bed or velvet mattress?

The answers to all the questions were just stepped away!

It is often seen that in exam time some people are more afraid of the consequences!

When the question is of life or death, humans are more afraid of the consequences.

The same thing was happening with Sudama.

Moving on, his steps stopped.

And he turned back. And went straight to the bench of the village temple and sat there 

His heart was beating loudly.

He saw the idol of Lord Krishna in the temple. He felt as if the idol was smiling at him. Like saying "Son, all your wishes are fulfilled."

Sudama took a good turn and started thinking, will history be repeated?

Would a miracle happen again in a legendary tomb? Will God bless him?

He started thinking what if this does not happen? So will he give up devotion to God? Then he thought, "Why to blame God, whatever will happen to him he would accept it the way it would be, he will get the fruits of the deeds of previous lives if he gives something or not in this life.

If anything happens today, he will believe in God and will continue to serve him even more. They give or not give. "

This thought brought a new consciousness to his mind.

Sudama raised his bag on the bunk. Krishna bowed to the idol of God. And as the house began to go further, his gaze fell on a plate on the temple on which it was written. "To God, you ask for what pleases you. But God gives you what is good for you." Now Sudama is happy.

Relieved of all the anxiety, he started to visit his house more.

When he reached the nook of the house, he closed his eyes. He knew the road to his house well. Closing his eyes, he reached his hut.

Take a deep breath. He remembered Krishna God. And counting in my mind




Sudama opened his eyes and saw that he had the same old hut in front of him. In a moment, he fell to the ground directly from the sky.

He entered his hut with heavy heart, and in front of him, he saw his wife gasping.

His girl kept the book in her hand and said: "Daddy you came?" Sudama didn't say anything. And went straight to the bed. His gaze went to the idol of Krishna Lord of his house. The idol was laughing. Or Sudama was yelling!

His wife approached and said, "Hey listen. There is nothing for the vegetable. So bring something from the market."

Sudama spoke with a heavy heart. "My friend has given me a pumpkin, make vegetable out of that."

His wife left the pumpkin and went to the kitchen. Sudama lay down again.

Look at this. His wife screamed badly.

He ran away to the kitchen. His wife bid, "Hey, look, I cut this pumpkin, then the gold coins and the letter came out of it."

Sudama was shocked to see a lot of gold currencies. With shivering of his hand, he took the letter in his hand and started reading.

My dear friend


By hiding from my miser wife and lying to her, I am giving this trivial gift to you. Accept it. This will remove a lot of your problems, make your house better and Yes! Marry your daughter with a blast

Sudama, you remained as the way you were before. Tell me your problems; I refused to ask for help from the front! Am I none of you?

While eating your dried rice, I realized why you used to hide your tiffin. When I told you that I used to eat your tiffin by licking my fingers. You didn't even say anything after hearing this! While you could say that you help us in our study. What I have studied till today it's all because of you. When you quit studying due to money, I asked you to pay for your fees. So even then you refuse! I was not doing you any favors. If you had studied ahead in a way it was beneficial to me only it could have become easier for me

I could help you directly. But I was afraid of my wife and was sure that you would not ask for any help. He says God will do good. Don't return the money that I have sent in the pumpkin. Understand this as the gift of your daughter's marriage from me.

Your friend


Sudama with wet eyes started looking at the idol of Lord Krishna was laughing. The words of Kisan Sheth to Sudama were now understood "helped a friend. God gave his fruit to Brahman." He smiled and started thinking

"Literally, in a slightly different way, but history was repeated today. History always repeats itself... History always repeats itself..."

(The End)

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