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The Smart Seller

The Smart Seller

2 mins

Hello everybody, today you're going to read a story named smart seller. Characters are: Minu, Andy, Gorge n Shiney

One day mother Shiney was working in the kitchen and papa gorge was getting ready for work papa gorge ran a sweet shop and had 2 kids Minu and Miley .

George: I am going to open my shop.

Shiney: yes but get some barfi on your way home.

George: why??

Shiney: uncle and aunt are coming

George: hmmm..ok

George left for work. one by one costumer came and he sold sweets. one man was passing by, he thought in his mind that so many costumers he would have much money, the greedy man was thinking to steal it he had a plan..... let's see what plan did he have.....!!??

Man: hey can you come and help me I am lost ..... Please

George: Yes! Of course, how may I help you ??...

man: let me rest at your shop....then you can buy some food from the store...

narrator: George was thinking this man is a bit strange ....he lost his way?? He wants food how can this be possible??

Papa George: ummm..yes...

papa George hid in a place than he was looking what was the man doing. . .he saw that he was finding something....he called the police and told his plan...then police went to the man and said...

police: what are you looking for??

man: money! The man said in his mind oh no!! I said the police that I am looking for money.

the police arrested the man ... George was very happy ...he told uncle aunt and his family about what happened...

Narrator: friends like this way we should be smart and not let a stranger in our house etc...

The end.

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