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Naisha Mandowara

Children Stories Horror Fantasy

The Real Nightmare

The Real Nightmare

3 mins

I had gone to bed early that day. My cousins were watching a horror movie. I hated horror movies because they startled me out of my wits. I could still hear the sounds, I couldn't sleep. I asked my cousins to lower the volume. But, they just laughed at me.  

An hour later, half annoyed and scared I dialed my friends Amishi, Anvitha and Chavi and called them for a sleep - over. Just like me they " HATED " horror movies.  

A few minutes later. There was a bell on the door. I saw from the window and found my friends at the door-step.  

We were having our midnight feast and doing each others' hair, just when my cousins increased the volume. We all shrieked and my cousins just laughed. We couldn't have a sleep-over like that ! What about the nightmares ? I was sick of them and we all went to the attic.

Chavi coughed and said, " Has anyone ever even cleaned this place ? ".

 " Well, no we didn't but at night we would see the light of the attic on and in the day it would be off. No one ever turned it on. It's the most creepiest room of the house. We hear footsteps from the attic sometimes" I said.  

" What ?! " exclaimed Anvitha. " Why did you bring us here then ? " 

" Well it's better than those sounds. There seems to be no one here. Especially if it's so dusty " said Amishi.  

I started getting worried. What if something was really there ? I showed them a faint smile trying to comfort them. We all eventually got tired and and slept.  

Suddenly, I heard footsteps from a distance. When I sat up I saw me and Amishi were in the corner of the attic near the door, far away from where we were sleeping. Amishi was panting heavily. She was rather petrified.  

When I asked her what happened she said, " A person wearing black came and took Chavi and Anvitha away. The person was tall and stout, I couldn't manage to see his face. But, I managed to save us ".

When I got up I noticed a scratch on both my hand and Amishi's hand. I wondered where it came from. I didn't have much time to ponder over it because I heard the same heavy footsteps. I gazed into the shadow approaching us. I gazed into Amishi's eyes with fright and she did the same.  

Suddenly the mysterious person starting running towards us. " RRUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNN ! ", I shouted.

When we were in the living room, I heard the attic door slam open. We shrieked even louder and ran to my cousins. They comforted us and we fell asleep.

Next morning, I found myself sleeping on the sofa. I nudged Amishi awake. I said,    " What will we tell their parents, WHAAAAT will we, Why don't you tell me ? - Amishi interrupted,  " Drama queen let's go to your room and think ". When we opened the door. What did we see ? 

Anvitha and Chavi were sleeping on the bed ? " Buh - But wha ", I stammered. 

Amishi woke them up and asked them if they remembered anything about yesterday. 

Chavi started laughing, " What rubbish ? Of course I remember all the fun we had ". 

Anvitha said, " You guys look serious, any probs ? " 

" Uh - uh, no. Just making sure you didn't forget ! " I said. 

Me and Amishi thought we both just had a bad dream. Not realizing the scratch on the hand and THE ATTIC DOOR OPEN ! 

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